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Named Cenobites

Images and descriptions from the collectibles website -
Appearance refers to what order they may be moved onto the board from Hell.

First Cenobites

Butterball Butterball
Appearance: First or second
Special rules: If Butterball exits from a Leviathan entry portal, he may appear at any other Leviathan entry portal as part of his movement even if there is a Human present on the tile.
Description: Laslo was a despicable character in life. His gluttony for dark sin and perverse pleasure guided him like a moth to the flame that is the Lament Configuration, but with its opening came unimaginable pain and a life of servitude as one of 'The Cenobites', however, with his eyes sewn shut, tormenting him further, denying him the sights he would enjoy so much.
The Wire Twins The Wire Twins
Appearance: First or second
Special rules: The sisters are two Cenobites, but move as one. They count as one Cenobite for movement purposes (ie if given 3 movement points, they each move three). They may never be in different tiles - if one exits into a different tile, the other must do so as well.
Description: Two Perfect Twins in their human form who stumbled into the dark world of the labyrinth. Now their eternity is spent in the sisterly sharing of the torments of the flesh of their victims. Each a former centerfold in her human form, a twin who worshipped at the altar of beauty myth but found herself wanting. It was the box that set them free and the cenobites who enhanced their flesh. Now they serve Leviathan, their tempting sexuality and the promise of degraded experience, the perfect lure for the most wanting of souls.

Middle Cenobites

Stitch Stitch
Appearance: not First or second
Special rules:
Description: The 17th Century daughter of a French Priest. 'Gabrielle' found no comfort in the pages of her father's bible. . . her lust for sin and the black arts saw her condemned to burn as a witch. Her salvation, the brass etched box given to her by a stranger the night before her execution. Her legacy?. . . the trail of bloody suffering at her hands as one of Hell's first in the legion of pain.
Bound Bound
Appearance: not First or second
Special rules: Bound may make a ranged physical attack with his blade on a chain for the cost of 2 movement points. The range is 4, the Strength is 6.
Angelique Angelique
Appearance: not First or second
Special rules: Angelique can imitate and seduce Humans. For the cost of 3 movement points, no Human may attack her for that turn. This does not affect Skinned Humans or Human controlled Creatures. Description: Angelique is a summoned demon, who took the sensuous form of a woman, and tried to destroy the order of the cenobites and the gateway that is the box. When her plans failed she was violently inducted into Pinhead's order, emerging as an erotic collision of beauty and manipulated flesh, truly The Princess of Torment.

Last Cenobites

Appearance: Pinhead always appears last
Special rules: Pinhead can summon chains. At the cost of 2 movement points, one chain can attach to one target anywhere on the board. It counts as a Strength 4 Restraint.
Description: Dark Prince of Pain, Angel of Suffering, Leviathan's Lord of the Damned.
In the first World War, Captain Elliot Spencer witnessed many atrocities, his appetites were indulged, but it was through the Lament Configuration and the order of the gash that a world of experience beyond limits would open up to him and eventually become his domain. Now with his crown of golden pins embedded deep into his skull, he walks the corridors of hell and the nightmares and fantasies of the living.

Female Cenobite
Female Cenobite
Appearance: Second last
Special rules: The Female Cenobite can confuse Humans. At the cost of 3 movement points all humans in the same tile with her are Restrained by a Wits 4 logical problem.
Description: A life spent in the seclusion of religion breeds desire un-paralleled. Sister Nikoletta's devotion to her church waned as the seeds of lust and wanting grew secretly within her, until a stranger seeking shelter, sensed her needs - and gave her the gift of the Box. To some she is a vision of pain, a gothic atrocity, to other's she is the bringer of sweet sensation known only as “The Female”
Appearance: Third last
Special rules: The Chatterer can chew through obstacles and restraints without making an attack action. Every movement point spent chewing causes 1 damage.
Description: Hell's 2nd Lieutenant to Pinhead 'The Angel of Suffering'. A child of misery who sought redemption from the Lament Configuration and only found the indulgence of pain. His solitude and misery forever accompanied by the echoes of the sound of his Chattering teeth.


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