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Bug Hunt

Mission Difficult (MD) = 4


The Sovereignty inhabitants, using the data retrieved from the Leviathan mission have created a new device - an anti-plasma fire cargo bay item. However in order to manufacture the device, the key factory for its creation needs to be cleared of the bugs that are infesting it. In payment for clearing this factory, the crew may either wait a month and get the new device, or choose a spaceship module.


Mission Objective: Destroy all the bugs infesting the factory.
Overwhelming Success: Don't damage the fragile modules (wooden floored modules).

Post Mission

Experience earned for crewmembers-

  • Attempting encounter: 50
  • Succeeding in mission : 100
  • Overwhelming Success : 50
  • Total 200

Prestige earned for all characters : 200
Spoils of War : None

Overwhelming success bonuses

Cargo Bay Module

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