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Mission Difficult (MD) = 4
From Galactic Civil War page 65


(modified from original)

The local authorities were aware that while mind dominated by the Bugs, their captors were summoning something larger to deal with the colony. The called a planet body-sized bug to devour the colony that the colonist dubbed the Leviathan.


Mission Objective: Destroy the Leviathan.
Overwhelming Success: Obtain 50 points of Data for study of the Bug threat.

Post Mission

The Spatcktwula flew out 2 days, danced with the Leviathan for a very long time (rather than being swallowed and destroying it quickly from the inside) and managed to come back 2 days later with 50 points of data.

Experience earned for crewmembers-

  • Attempting encounter: 50
  • Succeeding in mission : 100
  • Overwhelming Success : 50
  • Total 200

Prestige earned for all characters : 200
Spoils of War : None

Overwhelming success bonuses

Possible data use if they ever return to Sovereignty

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