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Bloodline to bloodline in constant transition.
Our pattern, our flesh, and our one restoration.
Conception, completion, the will of the City.
The Grandfather watch me, Grandfather know me.
Grandfather watch me, Spirits maintain me.

Completion is the measure of a character's fate. Often in Faction Paradox it's the gradual transition from being a real person to being a conceptual entity by performing paradoxes on one's own personal timeline - from being non-fiction to fiction, becoming an idea or concept. However it may also represent other forms of destiny “damage” or having your history, biodata and future history permanently aligned to a particular outcome by outside forces.

First Completion Point

For most Faction members the process begins when they become a Cousin and go through the bonding ritual to have a Sombras Que Corta - this earns them their first (and/or second) Completion point. Godfathers and Godmothers earn more through the hunt ritual of killing their immediate ancestors. The Celestis are an example of characters that have become entirely conceptual (having all their Completion points used to become Conceptual Entities) and have great difficulty interacting with the real universe, with the advantage of having almost unlimited power within their own Conceptual Space

Marking Completion

With every mark of completion, such as when you fill your Stress and mark a Trauma, your character must choose a new completion move. Completion Moves are occasionally useful and more powerful than regular moves and may also require gaining more completion for powerful versions of those moves. Some completion moves have negative effects and are likely to be chosen as a last resort, or if the fiction does not allow you to choose a positive completion move (you should always discuss this with the Grandfather and other players).

The final checkbox for completion is to retire your character. How they are retired depends on the context. See Retirement


There is a checkbox on your Coterie Playbooks for Paradox. This is marked if you ever perform an Untethered Flashback.

  • If you fulfil the Untethered Flashback later, remove the Paradox.
  • If anyone in the coterie performs a second Untethered Flashback while this checkbox is marked remove the Paradox and everyone marks a Completion.
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