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Faction Paradox


  • The Spirits. — The Spirits protect the Eleven Day Empire. Most members of the Faction are unable to communicate with them. However they can be invoked, but will also act independantly on occasion to protect the Empire. The Spirits require blood sacrifices. The Spirits tend to enforce Faction Protocols.


  • Godfather Morlock. — Elder statesman of Faction Paradox. Age uncertain, but late fifties at least. Domineering personality, though considered by the rest of the Faction to be as mad as a duck. A bit like the token eccentric professor at Oxford. Remains to be seen whether he's really on the edge of senility, or just doing it to annoy his peers. Voice should suggest that you wouldn't want to get into a fight with him even if you're half his age.
  • Godfather Sabath. — Head of the military for the faction.
  • Godmother Quelch. — Faction Paradox witch“. Venomous old hag. Screeches every time she speaks, and more often than not what she actually says is deeply insulting. Hostile to everything and everyone. Generally unpleasant. ”


  • Father Stendec —Researcher in cryptozoological studies and creator of Instant Animals (liquified animals).
  • Mother Mathara—Founder of the Remote and recruiter of Fitz Kreiner.
  • Father Kreiner Fitz, former companion of the 8th Doctor exiled to Ordifica where he became a founding member of the Remote. Left the remote to join the Faction and hunt Time Lords. Later tried to kill the 3rd Doctor on the planet Dust before losing an arm to the 13th reincarnation of I.M. Foreman before it became the biosphere of Dust creating Foreman's World. Possibly currently in the Time Vortex of I.M. Foreman's bottle universe. Kreiner is several thousand years old and more machine than human, permanently fused with his Faction armour.


  • Cousin Justine. — Faction Paradox recruit. Young, probably early twenties. Recruited from nineteenth-century England, and it shows. Polite. Demure. Tends to be overly formal, and therefore an unusual candidate for a time-travelling voodoo cult. Probably quite uncertain about her new role in life. Nineteenth-century upringing means that she's ashamed and embarrassed by the fact that she comes from a family of witches, even though it's the reason the Faction's interested in her. Actually capable of being quite aggressive, but only when she's sure of what she's doing. At the moment, she isn't.
  • Cousin Eliza. — Another twentysomething Faction recruit. Born and raised in the twentieth century, so more relaxed than Justine (but probably just as messed-up). London girl. Closer to Justine than anyone else, although that isn't saying much. Seems to have very little faith in the Faction's methods. Goes along with them anyway. Unwilling to risk stepping out of line, despite a noticeable cynical streak.


The Remote

  • Kode—The remembered Fitz Kreiner.
  • Compassion—The remembered Laura Tobin.
  • Guest


Great Houses

House Lolita

  • Lolita. — Villainess. Aristocratic, but with no respect for tradition. Dangerous. Utterly amoral. Apparently in her thirties (though she's not human, so her actual age is open to debate). Political. Manipulative. Believes herself to be superior to most other life in the universe - as it turns out, there's a good reason for this - and regards everybody else with quiet amusement. Hard to imagine her taking anything seriously: everything she does is pre-planned, and therefore there's never any reason for concern. Gives the impression of being untrustworthy“ rather than “slimy”. Doesn't really care one way or another.”

House Trakolix

  • Lord Ruthven. — Minor player. Aristocratic, like Lolita. Reasonably young. Sees himself as carrying the burden of his bloodline. Believes himself to be a shrewd political manipulator with a great destiny before him: he might well be, in his own world, but he's nowhere near as smart as Lolita and thus doesn't stand a chance. Proud. Self-assured. Over-confident. Doomed.


  • Compassion. — A sentient, humanoid TARDIS. Also known as Mary Culver.

Other Races

The Osirian Court


  • General Kine. — Sontaran officer. Aggressive militaristic alien. Much like all Sontaran officers, really.
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