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Joining the Faction

Possible methods

  • Inducted by a member
    • Lesser Species only
    • Has a life before the Faction
    • Least beginning Faction rites and powers.
  • Grown in a Biobank
    • No background other than what the Faction gives you
    • Most Faction rites and powers, although they may be specialised.
  • Biodata infected with a Faction virus altering your timeline
    • Only affects Time Lords during regeneration. These kinds of agents have no shadow.
  • Renegade ex-member of a Great House
    • Powers of the Great Houses but may have complications
  • Born in the Faction
    • Similar to Grown but with less specialisation.

Possible Species

  • Greater Species
    • Great House Member (Time Lord)
    • Great House member under the War King, at various stages of battle readiness.
  • Lesser Species
    • Any Doctor Who humanoid race of high intelligence.
    • Human
    • Human (Witch) — Witches can use rituals to invoke The Spirits, and occasionally use powers that Faction members of their rank can't normally do. I believe the Godmother of the Armoury who performs the Bonding Ritual is a witch.

Possible Sayings

Formal introduction and declaration of war My name is [name]. I am a [relation] of the House, and the House is my Faction. I am sworn to uphold the protocols of my family and to devote my efforts to the service of the bloodline, in the name of the Grandfather and by the will of the spirits. My name is [name] and I am of the family blood. I am of House Paradox and the blood that runs in me is my family's blood, and the blood of my House and you do not know me.

Bad Stuff

All Faction members must have some Bad Stuff.

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