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System: Fantasy Hero for the Hero System 5th edition revised.
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The premise behind this campaign is that it is a more traditional fantasy game, following closer to the Fantasy Hero rules with less breaking of convention and less on-the-fly player generated plot such that the GM is flying by the seat of his pants :)

The setting is Kamarathin.

I encourage interactivity. An aloof GM is a boring GM. The only criteria for the game is what I mentioned above.

Player stuff

Downloads of Interest

From the Hero Games website-

Hero Designer files

The writers of the Kamarathin setting have created files - templates, packages etc - for the creation of characters in Hero Designer (a java based character creating utility). I'm mirroring them here to reduce any bandwidth problems from their site.

GM stuff

  • Images - the look of this namespace
  • Paper Models - deprecated as the game is now online only
  • The Everchanging Book of Names - the Kamarathin setting book includes guidelines on how to use this random name generating program for each culture.

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