The following colour code and terms are used:

information from the TV Series (Including the Dimensions in Time , and Universal/BCC Telemovie, Scream of the Shalka)

information from the Novels (Virgin, BCC, I Who (which isn't a novel but it's source material is))

information from The Infinity Doctors and some of Cold Fusion (I put The Infinity Doctors as an 8th Doctor sidetrip. I admit I could be wrong.)

information from deliberately created alternate version of Doctor Who (The Unbound Series, Death Comes to Time)

information from 'licensed' reference sources (The Technical Manual, Monsters, The Doctor Who Cookbook and The Gallifrey Chronicles

information from 'unreliable' sources: (FASA's role-playing game, the Nth Doctor, Destiny of the Doctors (I don't trust them either, but you never know))

information from unofficial sources(Lawrence Miles' books, the Benny adventures)

information from speculative sources (my own speculation, and other fan speculation. Includes ideas from sites listed on my home page.)

? The event occurred approximately in this interval.

?? A pretty wild guess as to when this event took place.

Note: the following information contains many spoilers for the TV Series, Novels and Audios.

Disclaimer: I have no intention of infringing on anybody's ideas or property. This Web page should be viewed as an advertisement for all the sources that went into making it. I plan to create a bibliography (and eventually even citations) when I get time (don't hold your breath).


About this website

"A full summary of the Great Houses' activities over the aeons would be unimaginably long and mostly tedious..."

- The Book of the War

INTRODUCTIONback to the top

Greetings. I am know in these parts as Marnal Gate and this is the world’s largest (and most badly spellchecked) website on the Time Lords of Gallifrey. This was my first web page so I tried to follow the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). This page was created in March 1998.

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January, 2010.

PURPOSEback to the top

I have (shall we say 'an obsessive'? Yes. Yes, we shall) an obsessive interest in the history of the history of the Doctor's people from before the time of Rassilon to its apparent destruction in the Time War with the Daleks. The idea behind this web page is to trace all the little details about the Time Lord's past that we have been given over the decades. I've also added a section on the Daleks (though it doesn't cover as much material as I'd like). If you have any doubts as to the validity of the data presented, just check the colour code chart at the top of each page. I've been pretty religious about sticking to it.


Exhaustive time lines of Gallifrey's history.

Pages (the following links contains many spoilers for the TV series, audios, and novels)back to the top

SOURCESback to the top

I've tried to base all my information off of reliable (or at least well thought out) sources. These include the TV series (new and old), Novels, Audios, and numerous reference books.

The Whoniverse


The Cloister Library

have also been essential. Obviously I have a great deal of respect of the expanded universe of Doctor Who beyond the TV episodes but I've made sure to colour code the text so that those with a narrow view of canon can still find the site useful but just following the font colour of their choice. Rest assured that when irreconcilable differences appear the TV series will always trump any other source.

If you think I've forgotten some data or just want to give your opinion on my page, then please don't hesitate to E-Mail me at


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Holly and William Swift (aka Marnal)

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