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 Addis Junk-Lord of the Stellar Margin Known Aspects: * “I'm a legitimate businesswoman!” * I found it, it's mine. * Not worth bothering about, honest! …, ,
 Bagget Eccentric collector Known Aspects: * The best, the rarest and the most expensive. * Unbelievably wealthy * Robot manservant, Wilson. Known skil…, ,
 Baron Claudius Mailed fist of the Retomski elite. Known Aspects: * Divine right! * Thundering jackboots * Gunship diplomacy Known skills: * Leaders…, ,
 Eagle Void Bounty Hunter. Known Aspects: * One eye. * Eagle totem * Only doing business. Known skills: * Guns * Investigation Vessel None. …, ,
 Inon Hardened intergalactic criminal Known Aspects: * Cold yet seductive * Ruthless efficiency * Anti-Horror Gun Known skills: * Guns * Leadershi…, ,
 Jin Tao, the Stone Tiger Resistance leader on Mauthus II; sworn enemy of Lord Zaous. Known Aspects: * Loyalty is our strength; freedom is our goal. * I…, ,
 Lakshmi Human-born artificial intelligence Known Aspects: * I still expect to be paid * Curves in all the right places * I've not forgiven nor forgotte…, , ,
 Lord Zaous, Dark Lord of Mauthus II Corrupted Lordling. Known Aspects: * All power is mine by right. * replaced with: There is nothing to live for. *…, ,
 Parker Space Patrol officer. Known Aspects: * Tough cop * Just get it done! * I trust my partner, even when he's clearly wrong Known skills: * Weap…, ,
 Rhea Introverted farseer Known Aspects: * My mind is a fortress * Peace in solitude * Seldom remembered Known skills: * Mysteries Vessel: None. …, ,
 Storm Lady Keryn Thorgeld Noble and Military Leader of Korbal Known Aspects: * Born to rule * Vicious mind mage Known skills: * Leadership * Telepa…, ,
 The City of the Saved For Humanity, the War is over... We all remember Resurrection Day. Even now, three centuries later, we cannot forget that awakening: our…, ,
 The Ghost Mysterious thief Known Aspects: * Not a trace * MacDougal's legacy * Line them up and knock them down Known skills: * Burglery * Athlet…, ,
 The Shen Loung Leadership Collective Xian Feng Smuggler captain Known Aspects: * Thieves' Honour * Sharp as steel Known skills: * Weapons * Leader…, ,
 Thirteen Pleasure-slave turned clone smuggler. Eight's clone/sister. Known Aspects: * I'm smarter than you. * Hey there, Good Lookin'! * Catgirl for…, ,