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Other Clues

  • The rifle from the Crimean War taken from the trophy room (murder weapon)
  • The hauntings around the manor up until the seance (everyone who lives there notices).
  • The klikushestvo doll taken from the trophy room (allows Randolph to possess the murderer in the seance)
  • The burnt new will in Kaye's bedroom
  • The birth certificate of Felicity Carter stored in Kaye's bedroom
  • The marriage certificate of Kaye and Randolph stored in Kaye's bedroom
  • Drug paraphernalia found in Evelyn's room
  • Note about plants found out in the nursery
  • Note to Aleister about the phrases Evelyn uses
  • Note to Melancolia about noises from Lionel's manor while killing livestock
  • The marriage certificate of Lionel and Belladonna stored in Kaye's bedroom
  • Victor's quote on buying Lionel's manor
  • Note to Victor about Faust & Felicity's bodies and autopsy
  • Note to Gwyneth about Ortensia's theft
  • Note to Melancolia about Victor's grave robbing
  • Servant rumours about Victor's lurking
  • Note about stitches on Aleister's neck
  • Servant rumours about Aleister's indulgences
  • Note about being bitten by Melancolia
  • Note to Cain about seeing dead animals
  • Note to Aleister about local girls seeing dead animals
  • Servant rumours about gunshot heard on the moors when both Cain and Randolph were out
  • Servant rumours about Cain's lurking
  • Servant rumours about Gwyneth's gambling
  • Note to Aleister about money won from Gwyneth
  • Note about money being given to Gwyneth in Kaye's diary in bedroom

Pre-Round 1

  • The weekend so far

Round 1

  • Everyone finds out about their own major secrets
  • Everyone finds out about their own reasons for killing Kaye
  • Everyone except Ortensia and Gwynneth gets a version of the family tree.

Round 2

  • Minor secret clues
  • How Kaye died

Round 3

  • Major secret clues
  • How everyone would have killed Kaye (except for Cain and Gwynneth)

Round 4

  • Murder clues
  • Everyone's guesses

Post Round 4

  • The story of what happened
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