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Cain Dolour

Relationship to Victim: Farmhand / Gardener
Age: 55 (13 July 1831)
Reason for killing the Victim: Doesn't want to kill Kaye
Secret that will damn their reputation forever: Murdered the victim's husband (his brother) in order to woo the widow
Likely clues to it: A gunshot was heard out on the Moor by servants
Minor secret that will be inconvenient: Secret lover of the victim and father of Felicity Carter (Ortensia's mother)
Likely clues to it: Cain is noted to hang around the terrace near the tea rooms as he tended to climb up to the roof garden for his trysts with Kaye.
How they would have killed the Victim: N/A
Likely clues to it:
About the others:
  • Evelyn
    • 1
  • Lionel
    • 2
  • Ortensia
    • 3 Felicity Carter's Child.
  • Victor
    • 4
  • Aleister
    • 5
  • Melancolia
    • 6
  • Gwynneth
    • 7
  • Jeeves
    • 9
Goal: Make sure the new will is found
Motivation: Obsessed with Kaye and his rights
Personality: Yokel and simple minded with a driven personality and ancient words
Reference: Reuben Starkadder + Adam Lambsbreath (Cold Comfort Farm)
Quote: I ha' scranleted two hundred furrows come five o' clock down i' the bute“. ”
Costuming suggestions: Lots of brown and dirty linen, overalls and messy hair.
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