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Melancolia Q. Carter

Relationship to Victim: Daughter
Age: 28/34 (9 October 1852) - (3 November 1880) deceased
Reason for killing the Victim: Kaye found out and tried many times to kill her
Secret that will damn their reputation forever: A vampire who's mostly on the wagon.“
Likely clues to it: Someone could be bitten at some point in the evening - get a note to excuse yourself and report to the butler in the kitchen. On your return, come over faint and allow your new bite marks to be seen, but have no memory of it.” This might happen while we're both serving up dinner or something“
Minor secret that will be inconvenient: Responsible for the deaths of much of the livestock in the area
Likely clues to it: Cain noticed, and reports in the local village Aleister heard from the local girls.
How they would have killed the Victim: Shot out on the Moor
Likely clues to it:
About the others:
  • Evelyn
    • She's one of those depressingly cheerful, carefree spirits you just want to slap sometimes. Her head is always in the clouds reciting poetry. She's got as much common sense as a newt. A dead one. The only reason your mother adopted her was because she was good friends of her parents up until their tragic death.
  • Lionel
    • Some posh git. He seems to be very sensible and businesslike all the time. But despite all that, he still sees something in Evelyn. He's a gentleman with lands and money, but never seems to smile. At least that's a start.
  • Ortensia
    • You've only ever heard Mother refer to Ortensia, not having met her in person before. A young lady of ambition and modern in her attitudes. Possibly not as much a waste as the rest of the family. She's the daughter of your older sister (Felicity)- who died mysteriously with her husband quite recently. Ortensia will be staying with you until she's old enough to look after herself.
  • Uncle Victor
    • Although you've lived in the same manor with Uncle Victor for years, you've rarely seen him. He disappears for hours or days at a time. When you do bump into him, usually by the elevators, he always seems to reek of strange smells. I highly learned gentleman, but not very sociable - often eating alone.
  • Aleister
    • Aleister is a cad and a socialite. He drinks too much, he smokes far too much, and he takes far too many liberties with the female staff. He's far too friendly for his own good and seems to spend all his time wasting it.
  • Sister Gwynneth
    • You've seen sister Gwynneth come by occasionally - she seems very nice and talkative, but often wants to chat privately with Lady Kaye.
  • Cain
    • A farmhand. A very rough peasant type. Simple and crude.
  • Jeeves
    • He's the butler. He's always been there. He apparently has no life of his own and always appears to be working as efficiently as possible. You've only ever had (albeit very good) professional interactions with him.
Personality: Rather morbid
Reference: Daria + Emily the Strange
Quote: I'd like my whole family to do something together. Something that'll really make them suffer.”
Costuming suggestions: Victorian mourning clothes, because someone somewhere has just died.
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