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Aleister Paul Carter

Relationship to Victim: Son
Age: 32 (19 May 1854) - (21 May 1886) deceased
Reason for killing the Victim: Kaye killed him, she was disgraced and enraged by his behaviour after his birthday.
Secret that will damn their reputation forever: Actually one of the shambling dead, reanimated by Uncle,
Likely clues to it: Has a line of stitches hidden under his collar which gets noticed late in the game.
Minor secret that will be inconvenient: Has gotten pregnant quite a few young ladies in the village.
Likely clues to it: Rumours from the servants
How they would have killed the Victim: Strangulation
Likely clues to it:
About the others:
  • Evelyn
    • She's one of those lovely cheerful, carefree spirits you often find in the village. Her head is always in the clouds reciting poetry. She's got as much common sense as a newt. She'd be ideal as one of your conquests if she wasn't your step sister GÇô and if she wasn't so single mindedly obsessed with Lionel. The only reason your mother adopted her was because she was good friends of her parents up until their tragic death.
  • Lionel
    • Some posh git. He seems to be very sensible and businesslike all the time. But despite all that, he still sees something in Evelyn. He's a gentleman with lands and money, but never seems to smile. Possibly he doesn't know the meaning of the word GÇ£funGÇ¥.
  • Ortensia
    • You've only ever heard Mother refer to Ortensia, not having met her in person before. A young lady of ambition and modern in her attitudes. Possibly not as much a waste as the rest of the family. She's the daughter of your oldest sister (Felicity)- who died mysteriously with her husband quite recently. Ortensia will be staying with you until she's old enough to look after herself.
  • Victor
    • Although you've lived in the same manor with Uncle Victor for years, you rarely saw him up until recently. He stays in his underground laboratory for hours or days at a time. He's very caring towards you, but you sometimes feel a bit too much like one of his experiments.
  • Melancolia
    • If you could have any sister (adoptive or otherwise) in the world - it wouldn't be her. She's too smart for her own good and far, far too dreary and boring. You have often thought she was your exact opposite as anyone can be. You're the life of the party GÇô she's the death.
  • Gwynneth
    • You've seen sister Gwynneth come by occasionally - she seems very nice and talkative, but often wants to chat privately with Lady Kaye. Not a bad looker, but you've had problems with the clergy before.
  • Cain
    • A farmhand. A very rough peasant type. Simple and crude.
  • Jeeves
    • He's the butler. He's always been there. He apparently has no life of his own and always appears to be working as efficiently as possible. You've only ever had (albeit very good) professional interactions with him.
Goal: Single minded about getting revenge on whoever pushed him down the well.
Personality: A gentleman of leisure, a dilettante and ne'er-do-well
Reference: Dorian Grey + Frankenstein's Monster
Quote: The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.“
Costuming suggestions: The height of fashion. Suits with waist coats, high collars and long sleeves - a cravat and cane. Pale skin.
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