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Ortensia Edwards

Relationship to Victim: Granddaughter
Age: 16 (2 January 1870)
Reason for killing the Victim:
Secret that will damn their reputation forever: Parents were not killed by a crocodile, but were murdered by her
Likely clues to it: Victor dug up their bodies recently
Minor secret that will be inconvenient: Broke in to the church records after overhearing Sister Gwyneth and found out about her mother
Likely clues to it: Gwyneth noticed her
How they would have killed the Victim:
Likely clues to it:
About the others:
  • Evelyn
    • 1
  • Lionel
    • 2
  • Victor
    • 4
  • Aleister
    • 5
  • Melancolia
    • 6
  • Gwynneth
    • 7
  • Cain
    • 8
  • Jeeves
    • 9
Motivation: The Higher Common Sense and The Pensées by the Abbé Fause-Maigr, translated by H. B. Mainwaring
Personality: votes-for-women ribbons, investigative tendancies
Reference: Flora Poste (Cold Comfort Farm)
Quote: Jane Austen and I have so much in common - neither of us can endure mess. “
Costuming suggestions: Neat, modern clothing of the period. Very proper and clean

On the whole, I dislike my fellow-beings; I find them so difficult to understand. But I have a tidy mind, and untidy lives irritate me. Also, they are uncivilised.

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