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Lionel "Ducky" Bigglesworth

Relationship to Victim: affianced to Evelyn
Age: 35 (12 December 1851)
Reason for killing the Victim: Kaye found out about Belladonna and threatened him to call off the wedding.
Secret that will damn their reputation forever: :A secret mad wife in the attic (Belladonna).
Likely clues to it: Church records and his manor was visited by Melancolia while wandering after livestock.
Minor secret that will be inconvenient: Lots of debts on the Manor.
Likely clues to it: He's been in secret negotiations with Victor to sell him the Manor.
How they would have killed the Victim: Shot out on the Moor.
Likely clues to it:
About the others:
  • Evelyn
    • You met Evelyn at a Christmas ball and party you held. You remember seeing her stand out against the richly decorated background of the dining-room, the bright lights almost glinting off her smile. It was almost love at first sight, except for the problems of your first marriage which made you somewhat reluctant of a second attempt - once burned, twice shy and all that. She did eventually win your heart though as you had been so very lonely in recent years. As part of the Farnsworth legacy she may even be able to help refinance your family home. She is everything to you now.
  • Ortensia
    • You've only ever heard Evelyn's adoptive family refer to Ortensia, not having met her in person before. A young lady of ambition if perhaps a bit too modern in her attitudes.
  • Victor Farnsworth
    • A highly learned gentleman, but not very sociable. However, as the brother of Lady Kaye, he does have money. You have been in secret negotiations with Victor about the possibility of selling him Rosefield. He has expressed an interest in moving out of the Farnsworth manor and yours may be ideal for his needs. He always seems to reek of strange smells.
  • Aleister
    • Aleister is a cad from everything your fiancee tells you. He drinks too much, he smokes far too much, and he takes far too many liberties with the female staff. You have seen him in the village, and you tend to agree.
  • Melancolia
    • She appears to always be out of sorts. Dark and brooding. Not your type at all.
  • Sister Gwynneth
    • You've not seen sister Gwynneth before - some acquaintance of Lady Kaye?
  • Cain
    • A farmhand. A very rough peasant type. Simple and crude.
  • Jeeves
    • He's the butler. He's always been there. He apparently has no life of his own and always appears to be working as efficiently as possible. You've only ever had (albeit very good) professional interactions with him.
Personality: A serious man of middle years with his own manor, etc.
Reference: Edward Rochester (Jane Eyre)
Quote: “I am going to marry Mademoiselle and take Mademoiselle to the moon and find a cave in one of the white valleys and Mademoiselle will live there with me forever.”
Costuming suggestions: A gentleman's suit, of good quality but slightly worn.

Damn that woman and damn her eyes - She may very well have the one impediment to you marriage to Evelyn. The one stumbling block that would have brought all your secrets out and the manor crashing 'round your ears. If she had been able to tell Evelyn of Belladonna as you feared, it would have all been for naught - there would be no chance for happiness in this life, or inherited money to refinance the manor. All because of that reckless, foolish marriage to a wife proven mad and infallible. If you had not locked her in the attic, she would have already burnt the manor down around you.

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