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Evelyn Abercrombie

Relationship to Victim: Ward/companion
Age: 22 (8 November 1864)
Reason for killing the Victim: Kaye knows about her secret and would ruin her marriage to Lionel.
Secret that will damn their reputation forever: Severe and expensive drug habit
Likely clues to it: Drug paraphernalia in her room, and special plants in the roof nursery - may be witnessed by Cain (and vice versa)
Minor secret that will be inconvenient: She publishes racey novels as well as poetry
Likely clues to it: Aleister buys these books and may recognise a turn of phrase she uses.
How they would have killed the Victim: Poisoned with an overdose
Likely clues to it: Chemistry paraphernalia
About the others:
  • Lionel
    • You met Lionel at a Christmas ball and party he gave. You remember seeing him stand out against the richly decorated background of the dining-room, the bright lights almost glinting off his smile. It was almost love at first sight, although he seemed troubled and enigmatic at times. but being in his company did eventually win him whole heartedly. He's a well-to-do gentleman in possession of both lands and the manor Rosefield. When you marry, you would certainly gain both acceptability for publishing and the monies necessary to fund your books of poetry.
  • Ortensia
    • You've only ever heard your adoptive family refer to Ortensia, not having met her in person before. A young lady of ambition if perhaps a bit too modern in her attitudes.
  • Victor
    • Although you've lived in the same manor with Uncle Victor for years, you've rarely seen him. He disappears for hours or days at a time. When you do bump into him, usually by the elevators, he always seems to reek of strange smells. I highly learned gentleman, but not very sociable - often eating alone.
  • Aleister
    • Aleister is a cad. He drinks too much, he smokes far too much, and he takes far too many liberties with the female staff.
  • Melancolia
    • If you could have any sister (adoptive or otherwise) in the world - it wouldn't be her. She's too smart for her own good and far, far too dreary and boring. You have often thought she was your exact opposite as anyone can be.
  • Gwynneth
    • You've seen sister Gwynneth come by occasionally - she seems very nice and talkative, but often wants to chat privately with Lady Kaye.
  • Cain
    • A farmhand who has far too much leisure time it seems to you - he's always hanging about the manor. Especially below the terrace gardens. A very rough peasant time. Simple and crude.
  • Jeeves
    • He's the butler. He's always been there. He apparently has no life of his own and always appears to be working as efficiently as possible. You've only ever had (albeit very good) professional interactions with him.
Goal: To marry and be an accomplished poet
Personality: Poetess, dance in the wildflowers, etc.
Reference: Marianne (Sense and Sensibility) + Elfine Starkadder (Cold Comfort Farm)
Quote: “Can I read you some of my poetry?”
Costuming suggestions: Long flowing dress in earthen colours, a bulky lockable hand bag. Notepads and pencils. Hair should be slightly unkempt.
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