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Possibly the most important statistic for any character in the game. Your class determines your quality of life and your fate.

There are two kinds of class distinctions - major and minor. There are seven major classes (Peasant, Servant, Merchant, Military etc) - but within each of these classes are a number of minor classes. Whenever the rules call on you to check for a difference in classes, you subtract the lower major class from the larger major class unless you both belong to the same class - in which case you subtract the lower minor class from the larger minor class.

  1. Royalty — Roi, Reine, Prince, Princesse
  2. Noble - Chalices (Hearts)
    1. Upper (older) Nobility — A peer (holder of the title, or a noble (member of the family of the peer)
    2. Lower (newer) Nobility — A peer (holder of the title, or a noble (member of the family of the peer)
      • Grand Duc,Grande Duchesse, Duc,Duchesse, Marquis, Marquise, Comte, Comtesse, Vicomte, Vicomtesse, Baron, Baronne, Baronnet, Chevalier
    3. The Royal Household — Office holders and servants of the King.
  3. Clergy - Coins (Diamonds)
    1. Archbishop
    2. Bishop
    3. Cardinal
    4. Vicar
    5. Curate
  4. Military - Staves (Clubs)
    1. Guard Cavalry — Life Guards, Gendarmes, Lighthorse of the Guard, Horse Grenadiers, Musketeers, Life Guards of the King of Poland
    2. Guard Infantry — French Guards, Swiss Guards
    3. Cavalry — Gendarmes of France, heavy cavalry, carabiniers, dragoons
    4. Line Infantry
    5. Militia — Provincial Militia, Coast Guard Militia, Bourgeois Militia
  5. Merchant - Swords (Spades)
    1. First class — printer, book dealers, surgeons, apothecaries, haberdashers, clothiers, goldsmiths, hardware dealers, card makers, button makers.
    2. Second class — food suppliers (bakers, butchers, pastry cooks, pork butchers, cooks, wine merchants), saddlery & hides, shoemakers, upholsterers.
    3. Third class — metals & furniture
    4. Fourth class — building trades, cobblers
  6. Servant
  7. Peasant
    1. Landowners
    2. Rich tenant-farmer
    3. Tenant-farmer
    4. Villager
    5. M+¬tayer
    6. Landless agricultural labourer
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