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All statistics are rated between 1 and 10.


  • Strength — Only ever used by manual labourers and those of low birth likely to engage in fisticuffs.
    • Game use : Add this score to any card you use in skill resolutions requiring Strength
  • Agility — The nobleman's main characteristic other than Repartee (see below), used for duelling as well as dance.
    • Game use : Add this score to any card you use in skill resolutions requiring Agility. This characteristic is also used when duelling to determine the accuracy of shots or sword use.
  • Endurance — The ability to stave off disease or ride long distances ahorse.
    • Game use : Add this score to any card you use in skill resolutions requiring Endurance. This characteristic is also used to determine if a particular injury will be mortally wounding or only a minor wound (see Injury and Death).


How others think of you and what you think of yourself. This includes many of the statistics that lesser games would regard as “wisdom” or “ego”.

  • Beliefs — Any convictions the character has. This can be something as simple as “France is the greatest nation in the world: 4” or something silly like “The King should never wear grey: 3”. Religious matters, political ideas and philosophy should all be expressed as Beliefs if the character has any opinions on the matter. A character should have at least three or more beliefs.
  • Reputation — Can be specialised into different major and minor social classes - or even into particular groups, guilds or families.
    • Commoners (Farmers, Tanners, Coopers, Tinkers, Reeves, Weavers etc)
    • Merchants (Wool traders, Leather traders, Guild leaders, First Class etc)
    • Military (Officers, Veterans, Rank&File of standing armies)
    • Clergy (Particular monastery or nunnery, a priory, the upper ranks)
    • Nobility (Local nobility, Landed knights, Lesser peers, Higher peers, Foreign nobility)
    • Royalty (A particular member of the family, Foreign royalty)
  • Favours — Various sorts to different people. The class of the person who owes you the favour compared to your own should be regarded as a multiplier to the cost (i.e. A peasant expecting a minor favour of the King would need to pay 18 points, and for a noble to have the same, only 6 would be paid).
    • Trivial (1)
    • Minor (3)
    • Significant (5)
    • Major (7)
    • Oath (10)

Examples of the different levels

1You almost have an opinionSomeone may have heard of youTrivial - you saved a seat for them in the theatre once.
2You have an opinionSome have heard of you
3You have a firm opinionYou're known by mostMinor - you paid some debts of theirs once.
4You have a strong convictionIt's rare that someone hasn't heard of you
5You would stand up to your peers in your beliefYou are regarded as one of themSignificant - they owe their current lifestyle to your help
6You would suffer ridicule and public embarrassment for your beliefThey always include an invitation to you
7You would suffer torture for your beliefsWhen people think of them, they think of youMajor - you saved their life
8You would kill for your beliefsYou are a champion to them
9You would die for your beliefsYou are entrusted with all their closely guarded secrets
10You would suffer the death of loved ones for your beliefThey are your devoteesOath - they have bound their fate to yours with a life debt
11+You are actively organising armies or cults to convert others to your way of thinkingThey worship you

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