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Character Creation

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Creating a noble courtier for the French court of the 18th century is a fairly simple matter. The first place to start is their reasons for being at court:-

  • Are they being presented to court for the first time because they have come into their majority?
  • Are they bringing a matter before the King that requires his attention?
  • Are they there for social reasons? A ball, a play, a particular unveiling of a work of art or new book of philosophy?
  • Are they (God forbid) not noble at all, but hoping to obtain a peerage through connections or deeds?

Are you a noble, a member of a noble house or family, or are you in fact, a peer? Do you hold the title for your peerage, do you attend parliament in Paris and arbitrate justice for your manor or castle? Other points to consider are your family and friends, who you regularly talk to, and whom you patronise. There are two methods to create a character-

  1. Random Character Creation — Randomly or semi-randomly using Tarot cards
  2. Planned Character Creation — Point distribution allowing you to create a character based on backgrounds and ideas you already have.
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