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Setting: Delison IV

Part I : Spacestation of Terror

  • Celebrating on a space station, only to be locked into a room as there is a terrorist attack
  • Hector hacks the system but is unable to determine where the terrorist came from
  • Cameras in the compromised control room have been shot out
  • Dirk opens the door and sneaks out with Karl, Jack, Hector and Kaine
  • Tyler sneaks off by himself
  • Blackie sneaks off by himself and encounters some security guards. He is able to bluff them with authority
  • One of the security guards is gungho (Lorenzo Spetnatz) and just waiting to see action
  • Blackie leads the guards into a full frontal assault while the rest of the group attack from behind
  • In the command centre are 6 terrorists - 4 keeping the crew at gunpoint, and 2 using the computers
  • Blackie opens fire with a stunner, as does Tyler
  • One of the terrorists was trying to upload a virus.
  • The bad guys were taken out quite easily
  • Hector shoots one in the knee caps just for being incompetent
  • The terrorist are backward browncoats with ideals of the old republic
  • They were plundering the records of troop deployments and transmitting them somewhere. Specifically information of 1,489 cryogenically frozen soldiers stored somewhere
  • There is an incoming diplomatic vessel with a hostage negotiator approaches and is happy to discover that the terrorists have been dealt with
  • Blackie delegates all paperwork to the proper authorities while the group retires back to the restaurant to finish their deserts
  • Tyler investigates the databases for information. He finds out that the frozen soldiers were particularly nasty.
  • Hector discovers the area the ship would need to be to stop the signal from waking up the soldiers and Tyler is able to pilot the ship to that exact spot
  • The group is capable of stopping half the signal - they may be woken up, or they may have the map of where the soldiers are located in the asteroid field, or a combination of both.
  • Proximity alerts go off
  • Tyler takes evasive action
  • There are eight fighters. One is destroyed, one damaged by the Lady Jane and the Savage Chicken
  • Hector sets Trevor to stun
  • Savage Chicken gets out of the way
  • The fighter squad following the Lady Jane are all caught in the blast and get short circuited by the EMP blast
  • The group travels to their base


  • Trevor is forever lost to us
    • starblazer:trevor-in-the-wind.mp3


  • RE: Blackie wanting to take the soldiers back to his planet to lead a rebellion
    • Dirk: Why do you want an army, why not just us, we're far more destructive!
    • Hector: And we often face in the right direction
    • Blackie: Exactly…

Part II : Hangar Assault

  • While the warlike crew members infiltrate the terrorist asteroid base, Hector rescues an injured betrayed militia member. Or at least he tries to- except the Lady Jane was secconded to hangar interdiction duty.
  • Neary all the ex-war terrorists had their ships shot down, but some did escape

Part III : Railgun Locked

  • The terrorist make their way to a massive rail gun.
  • Fighters intercept the heroes' ship as they speed to stop it
  • Outmaneuvering the fighters, the Lady Jane is able to tow a large chunk of rock and block the rail gun
  • The weapon goes boom
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