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 +====== Mindjammer ======
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 +**Setting:​** just outside of [[human_space]]
 +===== Part I: Look who's coming to dinner =====
 +  * Setup
 +    * After travelling back to Human Space, receive a message from Wodehouse to have dinner with him and discuss a proposition
 +    * Also at the dinner are [[Parker]] a female Space Patrol officer, and [[Addis]]
 +    * A Space Patrol cutter stopped communication when intercepting (as Hector later realised) a Cloner ship and behaved oddly. ​ Suspect some kind of mined control
 +  * Scene of the Crime
 +    * After consulting with resident experts on mind control and how to stop the same, Hector chooses "​Effective"​ out of "​Compact,​ Effective and Durable"​ and presents the MDHN - Mind Defence Hair Net.
 +    * Jumped to spacelane with Wodehouse and received a not-real distress call from the cutter. ​ MDHN not proving very effective
 +    * [[eric_carson|Carson]] able to help snap everyone out of it.
 +    * Cutter attacks, Hector hacks the cutter, powers down weapons and forces it to dock
 +    * A dreadnought appears
 +===== Part II: Carson'​s Absolution =====
 +  * Investigating the Space Patrol cutter docked to the Lady Jane, the single unconscious pilot is mind probed by Carson and brain scanned by Hector
 +  * Hector rigs a visual feedback loop on space suits to counter mental illusions which seem to combat the mind control
 +  * A female clone avatar manifests to Carson only and appears to be a child-mind interested in information ​
 +  * Cloner Dreadnought on fast approach, Carson, Hector and Richter take Space Patrol cutter to the Cloner transport. ​ Carson convinces avatar to let them in.  Hector repairs engine while ship is investigated
 +  * Gestalt alien/​[[.:​props:​lovecraft chips]]/​tech Cloner network discovered where new clones have their minds join.
 +  * Cloner transport and cutter jump to nearby system to avoid dreadnought,​ which shows up later (as does Wodehouse'​s ship)
 +  * Parker and Adiss get subsummed by hive mind and teach it how to fix the ship as well as instilling some of their personality in it.
 +  * Carson convinces hive mind to go to safe moon nearby. ​ Hector remote controls the ship to land and overloads the drive so ship can't leave. ​ It was too interested in devouring minds for information,​ starting with the dreadnought
 +  * Carson volunteers to join the hive mind to teach it ethics
 +  * O2STK to be informed and keep an eye on the progress of the hive mind
 +===== Quotes =====
 +  * [[dirk_richter|Dirk]]: ​ We're off to a dinner, you'll need to dress up. \\ [[jon_hector|Hector]]:​ I'll wear my dressier lab coat - the one with the lapels.
 +  * Upon hearing that the hive mind now qualifies as a Space Patrol officer because of Parker'​s memories, in a repaired ship thanks to Adiss and would be very effective with a hive mind crew - [[jon_hector|Hector]]:​ The Ship That Gave Tickets
 +===== Continuity =====
 +  * MDHN adds +1 to Resolve
 +  * Cloner gestalt network is based on Lovecraft Chips. ​ Whilst Lovecraft Chips split a single Horror into multiple amplifier/​possessors,​ they can also be modified to join multiple minds into one.
 +  * The Carson Hive Mind Moon
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