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The Prize of Arabia

Part I: Divers Alarums

Cut scene

  • The local leader of the Italian Fascist party meets with the head of the Order of the Scarab who performs a ritual with a box full of bone fragments.
  • Mr White surveills the hotel that the current local leader of the Black Dragons is staying in, in the hopes of assassinating him with the sniper rifle taken from them earlier.
  • Kitty bumps into Madame Astara while shopping. The area quickly starts to empty.
  • Ravi meditates while waiting for the next assassin.
  • Finnegan is meeting with the “cousin” of Doctor Starlight. Callum is a nice good looking young boy. Bit of an occultist. There are sinister people (Giuseppe) asking questions in the occult community. Finnegan goes to find Ravi.
  • Kitty moves through well lit areas staying near crowds, but is sure someone is following her. With IAtara, they head towards Ravi's place.
  • Alec hears a rumour on the set that government people are offering money for information on psychics. Ideally so they can dissect the brain of one. Alec's Shard gives him a vision of someone surgically taking out his shard, but not finding it - and looking in the mirror sees that it isn't him, but Madame Astara.
  • Mr White investigates the Italian Embassy and discovers that Lucenzo has put out a bounty on psychics and has 3 goons (Antonio, Benoti and Carlo) out investigating.
  • One of the goons starts trailing Kitty.
  • Mr White questions the goon and knocks him out.
  • Ravi knocks a hole in the wall of his room and goes into a neighbour's room.
  • Alec knocks on Ravi's door - nevermore. The shard activates and he ducks in pain, avoiding the incoming gunfire.
  • White shoots at the shooters, not hitting any, then enters the building they are on the roof of. Not getting there as he dodges a hail of bullets.
  • Finnegans hears the gunfire and runs towards it.
  • One of the shooters tries to rappel down the building while covered by two on the roof. White shoots the rope and he falls unconscious.
  • Finnegan shoots and knocks out one on the roof. White kills the other on the roof and the stunned one on the ground.
  • Finnegan and White drag all the bodies into Ravi's house and White goes to get the previous knocked out investigator. Finnegan finds a mechanical/electronic card on the goon.
  • A cannon takes out the back wall of Ravi's place. Madame Astara is injured.
  • The group meets up outside the back of Ravi's place.
  • Circling around the building, the group see that the police have arrived.
  • Ravi starts to take Astara to the American Embassy with White.
  • Another of the three thugs, using a device starts following the group.
  • The group splits up, leading the thugs into an opium den and telling the locals that they are police. In the confusion they escape.
  • Ravi, White and Astara pass the Italian Embassy on the way to the American Embassy (with a note from Finnegan). Seeing Carlo there, White takes a pot-shot but fails to kill him. Carlo shoots back and then Italian soldiers come out. White leads them away from Ravi and Istara who make it into the American Embassy without further problems.
  • Everyone makes it to Finnegan's office in the embassy. When Finnegan brings one of the thug's device close to Alec's face, his shard gives him a huge headache which seems to be linked to the device.


  • Mr White has the Jezail sniper rifle in his wardrobe

Part II: Cafe Table Explodo

  • Folk discuss things with Astara at the embassy, thinking that possibly the head of a psychic is wanted for a Marconi device
  • Mr White leads off the Italians and then hides in a building, letting them go past.
  • Mr White assassinates the remaining goons
  • Kitty goes to a cafe for a date with an unknown gentleman - tall and handsome. Finnegan and Mr White follow discretely and stay nearby as backup.
  • The date (Ahmed) is the rejuvenated mummy (see episode #4) and talks to Kitty about the Bone Cat and how she should take the role of being Bast's Chosen. Bast's Chosen would be given the Prize of Arabia.
  • Ahmed mentions that Archer is likely to confront the Order of the Scarab to get back what was lost to the Dagger of Norn.
  • A table explodes, Mr White shoots at it just in case
  • Mr White sees the assassin on a building rooftop with a big gun, that shot the table earlier, leap down and run off. He pursues.
  • Madame Astara doesn't want to go to this cafe ever again.
  • Mr White is injured and stops chasing the assassin. Finnegan keeps chasing. White follows Finnegan
  • The assassin pulls out another pistol from his voluminous robes
  • Finnegan knocks the gun up, it goes off into the air, and Mr White disables his arm with a bullet.
  • Kitty goes for a drink
  • Astara reaches the end of the alley and turns left. When Ravi reaches her, he sees some thugs throw a bag over her head.
  • Ravi steps out and punches them.
  • The assassin starts a gattling gun and starts spraying bullets everywhere injuring Finnegan and White. White shoots his arm again
  • Kitty joins the fight with Ravi and fires on some thugs, she calls on a cat to help out.
  • The assassin tries to get away down an alleyway. White shoots him in the leg. Finnegan tackles him to the ground
  • The assassin goes down with another gattling gun going off, bringing down the wall on top of him.
  • Madame Astara is freaked out by the cats that help Kitty
  • Ravi threatens the remaining thugs to leave Astara alone
  • The assassin is insensate but alive.


  • Days since assassination attempts: 0
  • Finnegan: No Seiks, No Scimitars, No Service
  • Charkras in charge, of our days, and our nights

Part III: Hot, air, balloon

  • Kitty is given an assignment by the newspaper boss, to look into whatever the Italians are up to.
  • Jack thinks that the psychic brain connection links them to the Order of the Scarab.
  • Meanwhile, Finnegan's boss - the head of the ancillary staff at the embassy has a mission for him- to investigate the things the italians are up to. Apparently they're shooting up the place and have a bounty set for psychics.
  • Gunther von Klaus wants to learn to fly a plane and asks Alec if he knows someone who can fly. Mr White, rather than teaching Gunther, scares the heck out of him with aerial stunts.
  • Hans tells White that some Italians are trying to hire a plane for a very large sum of money. Mr White says no
  • Kitty interviews folk and finds out the Italians have been getting regular shipments from Italy and are hiring planes for some kind of expedition into the desert.
  • Finnegan uses his contacts to find out what is going on. An Englishman tells him the Italians are financing a very large expedition as well.
  • There's a German zeppelin at the airfield flying Italian colours
  • Jack tells Kitty that he's found out that the Italians have been working with the Order of the Scarab for months Jack is a bit obsessed.
  • Mr White hires out his plane and figures he can get on the Zeppelin by sneaking
  • Ravi sneaks on board
  • Finnegan bribes his way onto the zeppelin with Jack and Kitty - the end up in a crate with bedrolls and supplies.
  • Alec bribes his own way on board, pretending to be researching a role as an airship labourer.
  • The zeppelin has easily accessible escape routes and a gullible crew.
  • Kitty sneaks around the cargo hold and finds a stack of crates with the Marconi symbol on them. There is also a long antenna in the hold which has some kind of biological matter attached to it.
  • Mr White and Ravi meet up with the others in the cargo hold just as Jack goes off by himself.
  • It takes a few days to get deep into the desert. The armada of escorting planes regularly refuel on the way.
  • The zeppelin lands and they start to unload the crates and digging equipment which includes dynamite.
  • Alec gets a vibrating pain from his Tunguska shard - he gets quick visions of people dying in pain.
  • The aircraft are landed on a rocky plateau amongst the sand. The zeppelin is tethered to some rocks.
  • The group spot a lost city and steal supplies to investigate first.
  • One of the members of the Order is overheard talking about the lost city being the marker for where the Prize of Arabia (Dum dum DAAAH) is.
  • The city is huge and covered in hieroglyphics. The city is oppressive and wrong, full of non-Euclidian architecture.
  • Kitty pats a cat statue on the way.
  • The group leaves an arcade, enters a huge plaza and sees stairs up to a massive plinth full of temples.
  • Ravi believes the Prize of the Arabia is a gem that will help someone rule the world, or survive the end of the world.
  • Alec uses the Tunguska Shard and has a sense that the area was used for trading in very esoteric good he snatches a clay tablet with symbols on it from the vision, and shows it to Mr White. It says “A theft that shows no profit”.
  • Kitty and Finnegan set up a Marconi device from a crate Kitty stole from the supplies earlier.
  • Turning on the device reveals a great number of ghost priests wandering around. It gives Alec a huge pain in the head
  • The priests, some of whom have animal heads, begin to gather around the device.
  • Mr White communicates with the priests and asks them to tell us of their city. They are here to protect the Prize of Arabia that is within the Necropolis. Mr White warns them that the Italians and the Order of Scarab are after the Prize.
  • Alec astral projects and disappears.


  • MA: What's your name? Danger. Danger Weird Shit.

Part IV: Speakers to the Dead

  • Alec sees Harry Houdini in the ghost market and follows him.
  • Everyone sees him disappear
  • Alec no longer has the headache
  • Finnegan suggests turning off the device to see if Alec will come back
  • Alec is shown tablets with hieroglyphs on them, and is unable to communicate
  • It starts to get dark, and in preparation to hiding, White turns off the machine.
  • Ravi worries that if he also astral projects, he will disappear.
  • He enters the spirit realm and the market place is totally full of spirits.
  • Also unable to talk to them, he is nonetheless following where they direct in the hopes that they are leading him to Alec
  • The rest of the group packs up the machine and hides in a random alleyway betwee two temples chosen by Kitty. According to some hiding/common sense criteria. They take Ravi's body with them.
  • Ravi encounters a spirit in a tent with a turban bearing an emerald gem. He speaks to Ravi in english about a possible trade.
  • Ravi does usual diplomacy.
  • Turban guy (Sadil) quotes the bible about legion
  • Turban guy is the leader of the Order of the Emerald Scarab. He says something to the other spirits and turns them against Ravi.
  • Ravi attacks the chakras of one of the spirits in the hopes of turning him against the Scarab leader
  • The other spirit grabs Ravi and drags him out of the tent.
  • Alec works out that Houdini is trying to lead him away somewhere, uses some occult knowledge to corner him
  • In the real world - the night passes and the group wakes up to the sound of motors coming.
  • The machine is turned on, an beggar spirit is traded with (Decartes I think therefore I am) for the location of the Prize of Arabia. Finnegan contacts, White translates
  • Kitty, knowing Alec well, is able to determine where he is likely to be.
  • The beggar spirit is unable to help, but gets a scholar to help out.
  • The scholar offers the Prize for Finnegan's dollar bill showing American ideals.
  • The motor heard in the distance is a large generator
  • Kitty heads towards it and sees that the fascists have setup a camp with a number of generators and a number of devices. Some of which allow ghosts to walk through and be captured
  • Kitty is noticed by the scanning crew and is given chase. She tries to hide
  • Kitty is captured
  • Kitty interviews Lauranchio about his new world order
  • He talks about Marconi devices that can use the energies of ghosts to power things.
  • Apparently the Prize is control of the world ™
  • The Scarab priest wants to kill Kitty - some tension wit Lauranchio
  • Alec chats to Harry and Ravi
  • Harry praises Alec's ability to astral project with his body as well
  • Harry insults Ravi's dress sense
  • Ravi tries to get Alec to leave Harry and come back to the real world.
  • Kitty tries to leave and convinces the guard to help her write her article
  • Finnegan dresses as a worker and blends in with the fascists
  • Finnegan discovers Kitty and she passes him her notes on the interviews

Part V: Shoot 'em up

  • Ravi is unsure how to stop the Fascist ghost processing machine
  • Mr White suggest explosives or a collision with a truck
  • Damaging the machine would be bad
  • Mr White suggests having the machine transport ghosts away, rather than trap them.
  • Laurencio asks Kitty to come admire his work, and possibly take photos
  • The High Priest of the Order of the Emerald Scarab is conspicuously absent
  • Finnegan works out a way to set up our Marconi device to create an interfernce field on the Fascist machine
  • Disguised in a crate, Ravi and Finnegand imitate labourers and transport it close to the Fascist machine
  • Ravi and Finnegan get in some fisticuffs
  • Alec commandeers a truck, Mr White commandeers the troop support 50 cal machine gun on its back, laying suppressive fire on all the fascists

Part VI: Deals with the dead

  • The explosion throws the party (including the car, several random crates and bits of the exploded device) into the spirit realm.
  • Ravi is fairly sure he is not dead, Alec is fairly sure he is. Mr White disapears into the market (it is assumed).
  • There is a plume of smoke rising from the corner of the market where the explosion happened.
  • Finnegan goes to investigate and sees that the explosion has caused a rent in the fabric that forms the market and through it is a void. The market seems to be slowly unravelling and disappearing as smoke. He takes out a pencil and brings it close to the edge of the void and it starts to dematerialise into particles as well. Estimates there is not only maybe two days left for the market
  • Alec's head is glowing from the shard. He goes looking for drugs (being in a market and all) and doesn't find any. Peering up into the stars he sees a whole range of deities (some known and some unknown) and they are paying close attention to what is happening in the market.
  • Jack has disappeared and Kitty goes after him with Ravi. Jack wants the debt settled. They head to the location they last spoke to the the High Priest of the Order of the Scarab. They hear Jack demanding payment of debt.
  • Alec trades the concept of rebellion against authority (as embodied in the film The 10 Comandments which he draws some images of on a wall) with some beggars. They accept this concept and are wealthier for it.
  • The scholar who got the $1 from Finnegan previously helps Finnegan in searching for the Prize. He takes Finnegan to listen to the nonsensical babblings of a number of priests and nobles. They listen, the important part is in the listening.
  • Kitty and Ravi stop Jack from throttling the HP. Jack needs the Dagger of Norn to be healed. (Arancio possibly has the dagger on him but Ravi was not able to confirm this - Arancio is also somewhere in the market) Kitty talks Jack down. Talk to HP regarding accessing Prize before the market unravels. HP says they need four things and tells them three of them. Kitty and Ravi agree to seek Prize with information given. The three concepts are 'a secret best left hidden', 'a debt that cannot be repaid', 'the coldness of certainty'. Consequence of prize not being recovered is dire.
  • Finnegan starts to make sense of the nonsense. A dark shape materialises - it is the mummy that possessed Alec (which has a claim on Finnegans soul??) They talk, argue and Finnegan fires gun - which fires in the spirit world but the bullet seems to have no effect). The Prize is the key to the future of the world. The scholar sees none of this. When shadow gone, scholar says can not help much further, does not know what will happen to ghosts when market unravels, they have been trapped for millenia, following and reinforcing the patterns laid out. Finnegan - patterns - going to use Science! to work out what they are and what he needs to do.
  • Alec uses Artists Eye to look for patterns in market. Gives up the concept of Lawrence of Arabia. The group around him are no longer beggars but scholars.
  • Crack of Thunder from corner of the market where the smoke is.
  • Finnegan - Science!
  • Kitty - investigation!
  • Ravi - meditation! Ravi realises that he has something that will meet the requirements of the concept given to Kitty to seek (a secret best left hidden) in the words spoken at the end of the world. But the debt which goes unpaid - the healing of Jack's soul by the HP? That would fulfil the requirements of the concept.
  • Kitty knows of several secrets from the war that were best left hidden.
  • Alec and scholar entourage arrive in this area of the market.
  • Science! tells Finnegan to kill the HP and that the HP needs to know why. This will fulfil all 4 of the concepts (the fourth is a thoughtful gift of murder). Killing HP will lead to debt being unpaid, gift to Ravi by killing nemesis, the secret is revealed to the HP and the coldness of certainty in the act itself.
  • Kitty has a sense that Bast is behind it all.
  • Finnegan see Ravi, Alec and Kitty enter the pavillion of the HP. He storms in, waving guns at all, demands that the HP goes with him. Ravi, in response to Finnegan's gun waving at Kitty, opens crown shakra in defense and explodes in spiritual light, looking like a god.
  • Finnegan drags HP out, Ravi understands what Finnegan is going to do but allso knows that killing him won't destroy the soul. Ravi lashes out to destroy the soul of the HP but Finnegan takes blow because he needs to do it himself. He explains the why to the HP and pushes him into the void.

Part VII: The End of the World

  • Fulfilling the last of the requirements, Finnigan obtains the Prize of Arabia and starts absorbing all nearby spirits
  • Ravi punches Alec into the real world
  • Kitty runs to the spiritual projection of the car and gets it started
  • Finnigan falls unconscious after absorbing the market
  • Ravi carries him to the car
  • White goes into the car as well with Jack
  • The void starts expanding, Kitty keeps ahead of it in the car while Ravi manipulates the energy fields of the car.
  • The fascists and Laurencio were swallowed by the void.
  • Alec wakes up somewhere in a desert, to be almost run over by a crashing car from the astral plane.
  • The group searches for survival gear amongst the wreckage of the car.
  • White notices that everyone's shadows are odd and not normal - as though the group were still in the astral plane.
  • Kitty finds a cat in the desert and makes a promise to it
  • Ravi notices that Finnigan has hyperchakras
  • The gods watch the group from the constellations in the night sky
  • Jack's chackra for joy is healed
  • The group travels in the never ending desert
  • A pyramid is spotted
  • Kitty has a cat's head shadow. Finnigan's is evil. Alec's is normal. Ravi's is that of an Indian Prince. White's is darker.
  • It's now night with no moon, but folk have shadows.
  • Ravi tries to channel the energy from Alec's Shard into Finnigan's shadow in order for it to become manifest so it can be defeated.
  • Kitty wanders into the pyramid
  • White goes in after her
  • Ravi seems to be throttling a shadow of Finnigan
  • Kitty, Jack and White are facing a blue flame on a platform joined by a thin bridge over a bottomless pit
  • Kitty wants White to get Ravi, Finnegan wants to make sure Kitty isn't left alone with the flame. White tries to pick it up.
  • White gets the Prize of Arabia and uses it not to create a path for the fate of the world, but to re-inforce the barriers to gods and demons, not allowing outside influence into the world
One Year Later
  • Mr White is back to killing fascists in Europe
  • Kitty is back at the paper
  • Finnigan is extensively debriefed and decides to leave the bureau
  • Alec is on the set of a new film
  • Ravi looks for the last assassin and looks for any gods that managed to stay in the world. He also gets help from Finnega. He also destroys the wax cylinder of the last words of Humanity.


  • Apparently Jack owes his allegiance to the Order of the Scarab
  • Laurencio had the Dagger of the Norn. There were three Norns, and possibly other artifacts.


  • Ravi: You can't punch a car in the chakras
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