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What each character did after their adventures in Egypt, up until the eve of the second World War.

Mr White

Italian ex-Spy/Assassin

  • One Year Later
    • Mr White is back to killing fascists in Europe
    • Unable to forget his brief time with ultimate power in Egypt, he knows he can never again be a social chameleon (-) but will always be different from other humans and became quite unapproachable (+stunt). He has seen behind the curtain of reality (+)
    • His decision to not heal the damage from the dagger of norn because being unable to love was the coldly pragmatic best choice for furthering his war with fascism and the betrayal of his country by its leaders, he no longer feels soft hearted (-) over his decisions, nor is he selfish enough to believe he will never be captured again (-). Now he instead fights for independence (+) and individualism, and he now hates oppression (+) when he comes across it.
  • Several Years Later
    • After destroying the remains of the asian gangs, White is no longer hunted by the Black Dragon (-)
    • Travelling back from visiting his parents in South Korea, he is shot down over Germany, destroying his stolen Sopwith Camel (-) and he runs afoul of the Sturmabteilung (Brown Shirts), he was captured while completely surprised (-Danger Sense stunt, -On Top Of It stunt, -Alertness)
    • White has no idea where these Sturmabteilung came from or how they were able to capture him so easily (-Take it All in stunt)
    • Escaping from their clutches with the aid of a gun (+Guns) to defend himself with as he shot on the run (+stunt). Closing off the route behind him with a trick shot (+stunt). However, because of what he overheard about Götterdämmerung in their presence he is now hunted by Nazis (+)


American G-Man

  • One Year Later
    • Finnigan is extensively debriefed and decides to leave the bureau

Ravikiran Ifrit

Sikh Mystic

  • One Year Later
    • Ravi looks for the last assassin and looks for any gods that managed to stay in the world. He also gets help from Finnegan. He also destroys the wax cylinder of the last words of Humanity.

Alec Trevelian

Ukranian Actor

  • One Year Later
    • Alec is on the set of a new film

Kitty Smithson

British Investigative Journalist

  • One Year Later
    • Kitty is back at the paper
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