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 +====== Cairo Fortunes======
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 +===== Part I: Aligning Stars =====
 +**Setting:​** Cairo
 +  * [[Amberley Cambell|Amberley]],​ transported by [[Mr White]] in his [[Sopwith Camel]], seeks to buy a new boat
 +  * [[Kitty Smithson|Kitty]] looks for a lead in a bar regarding [[Jack Archer|Jack]] and encounters a hot Italian
 +  * [[Amberley Cambell|Amberley]] and [[Mr White]] take care of the Italian'​s bodyguards while he makes a break for it
 +  * Capturing him, [[Kitty Smithson|Kitty]] questions him about [[Jack Archer|Jack]] the reporter. ​ Apparently he was got rid of before he found out too much
 +  * [[Finnegan]],​ passports investigation plain clothes division, looks into strange happenings
 +  * [[Alec Trevelian|Alec]],​ partying with actors, sees a face in the stars and tracks down [[Amberley Cambell|Amberley]] and [[Mr White]] at the Hotel to ask about the woman'​s face.
 +  * [[Ravikiran Ifrit|Ravikiran]],​ disturbed by what he reads after the change of the horoscope authorship from [[Doctor Starlight]] to [[Madam Astara]], investigates the newspaper
 +  * Bumping into [[Kitty Smithson|Kitty]],​ a meeting is set up with [[Finnegan]],​ [[Alec Trevelian|Alec]] and [[Madam Astara]]
 +  * The face [[Alec Trevelian|Alec]] saw is [[Madam Astara|Astara'​s]]
 +  * [[Ravikiran Ifrit|Ravikiran]] scares the bejesus out of [[Madam Astara|Astara]] and finds out plans
 +===== Part II: Paddlesteamer on the Nile =====
 +**Setting:​** The Nile
 +  * [[Jack Archer]]'​s sacrifice is to take place at a party on board a paddlesteamer on the Nile
 +  * [[Kitty Smithson|Kitty]] and [[Finnegan]] get guests invitations to the party
 +    * Aspects: Secret Benefactor and Greased Wheels
 +  * [[Ravikiran Ifrit|Ravikiran]] and [[Mr White]] infiltrate as servants
 +    * Aspects: Hired Help and Unnoticed
 +  * [[Amberley Cambell|Amberley]] sneaks onboard as backup from her clunker of a boat and starts looting
 +  * An [[Gunther von Klaus|Austrian nobleman]] (possibly a duke or a prince) monopolises [[Kitty Smithson|Kitty]] on the dance floor with tales of woe, gambling loses and the loss of his [[Marconi'​s Cadaverous Prototype|machine]].
 +  * A mysterious sheik wanders the top deck looking for people.
 +  * A lascivious, fat, fez wearing [[Benni|head servant]] is bribed by [[Finnegan]] to show him and Kitty the suprise event ahead of time.
 +  * Party objectives are seen as
 +    - Stop sacrifice and rescue [[Jack Archer]]
 +    - Thwart the plans of [[the Order of the Scarab]]
 +    - Don't burn down the boat
 +  * [[Kitty Smithson|Kitty]],​ [[Finnegan]] and [[Benni]] see [[Marconi'​s Cadaverous Prototype]] under a sheet in a meeting room, before hiding after hearing someone approaching (the mysterious shiek and the hot Italian)
 +  * A drunk American woman wins the "​Anubis prize" in a wheel of fortune spin in a gambling area rife with prophetic trappings. [[Ravikiran Ifrit|Ravikiran]] follows the woman, suspecting foul play while [[Mr White]] stays in the room.
 +  * A servant attempts to stop [[Ravikiran Ifrit|Ravikiran]] from reaching the meeting room and is punched through the door
 +  * The woman is rescued, Ravikiran, Kitty and Finnegan flee the guards by going outside the ship.  Mr White lowers them some bunting to climb up
 +  * Mr White hides the Marconi device in a silver salver and wanders the ship with it, keeping it away from the search parties.
 +  * Two servants attempt to throw the [[Gunther von Klaus|Austrian nobleman]] overboard, Ravikiran and Mr White take them out
 +  * Kitty enters the cultists'​s meeting room and sees a tied up and injured [[Jack Archer]]
 +  * Ravikiran and Amberley set fire to the boat
 +  * Diverse Alarums
 +  * In the ensuing combat with all characters, Jack is struck by the Dagger of Norn
 +  * In the confusion of the combat, the dagger is lost, but the Marconi device is kept
 +  * Everyone evacuates to Amberley'​s backup boat
 +  * The [[Benni|head servant]] is last seen charging passengers to get on the life boat.
 +  ​
 +===== Quotes =====
 +  * **GM**: For choosing an aspect, decide what you want to accomplish at the party \\ **PC**: "​Flammable Boat"
 +  * [[Benni]] : "I noticed your friend is... female. ​ That's my kind of woman."​
 +  * [[Mr White]], in the cupboard, with the silver salver
 +===== Continuity =====
 +  * [[Jack Archer]] was stabbed by [[the dagger of norn]]
 +  * The group is now in possession of [[Marconi'​s Cadaverous Prototype]] - a radio attached to a mummified head that can allegedly communicate with the other side
 +  ​
 +===== Part III: Voices of the Dead =====
 +**Setting:​** Cairo
 +  * [[Finnegan]] believes he has Marconi'​s prototype working. He, [[Kitty Smithson|Kitty]] and [[Ravikiran Ifrit|Ravikiran]] take it to the bridge where [[Doctor Starlight]] died.
 +  * The radio contacts the Other Side, where a clamour of ghosts vie for attention. One claims to be Starlight, and asks Kitty for a kiss.
 +  * Following the spirit'​s advice - without payment - the party heads to the Souk to confront [[Swami Mokti]] about Starlight'​s death. ​
 +  * Mokti takes Finnegan to the Other Side to look for himself - but has no intention of returning him to the land of the living. Instead, he introduces his friend, the Dark Spirit.
 +  * Meanwhile, Ravi and Kitty are threatened by Mokti'​s thugs. They escape with the bodies into the alleyways of the Souk. 
 +  * Finnegan confronts the Dark Spirit, and fools it into chasing a simulcrum of himself. He converses with the ghost of Starlight, who offers some insight into the plans of [[the Order of the Scarab]] and tells of a journal that he sent to [[Jack Archer|Archer]]. ​
 +  * Kitty wins over the locals, and Ravi intimidates Mokti into revealing his plans.
 +====== ​ ======
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