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50s in the USA

Majestic and project paperclip George has travelled to the US at the behest of Finnegan for her professional opinion

Alec is in Hollywood Finnegan was not allowed back in the US, but may be in Kansas George arrives in NY and is met by two polite MIBs The MIBs want to know what George is doing in the country and if she belongs to any subversive organisations Alec is being interrogated along the same lines The MIBs are asking quite detailed questions about George and the Century Club and what she did for them They ask George and Alec if they know Finnegan Ravi was checking up on his earlier Edison work in the US The MIBs ask George to accompany them.  A woman interrupts them and introduces herself as Sally Silver

A German man talks in the background after Alec is given Sodium Pentathol They ask Alec to remove his shirt, then cuts it off him and applies electrodes to him

Senor Lawrencio is still around.  Max Silver invites Mr White to the Century Club to talk about him Colonel Black MIA - recent memorial in the Century Club George is there with Sally Max and Sally think the FBI MIBs will be tracking George to find Finnegan and whatever it is that he's discovered There is some kind of psychic contagion - George reads case studies of how psychosis seems to have an unusual pattern - in Kansas

Alec overhears that they know where George is They knock Alec out and put a bag over his head

Ravi sees Finnegan with the Tunguska Shard, that explodes and changes to Alec's face There are armies of MIB with esoteric devices marching on the city that Finnegan is in.  Led by a dark and shadowy figure.  Somewhat Cthulian. The city becomes the world and the US becomes dominant over the world lead by this figure.

While Alec is unconscious, he contacts Ravi Ravi tries to work out where they are taking Alec

Sally says the Club is willing to help George investigate and will be sending Mr White to investigate Finnegan is apparently able to take energy from distant areas

George arranges a tour of a number of hospitals in the USA as a cover and asks the Club to provide a body double so she can ditch her FBI tail on route

Ravi finds out that Alec has disappeared from his studio in Hollywood - there were lots of MIBs there and he was rumoured to be taken out into the desert somewhere. Ravi finds himself in a small city in Kansas

George is in Topica hospital A man comes in and introduces himself as Charlie Williams from the Century Club is there to impersonate her He imitates her voice precisely and starts to look like her. Step one- beard Step two - stilts

A young jewish woman introduces herself to Mr White Anne now - but it was George!

Mr White and George are in a large Club-provided car Checking for tails, they head towards the location George was provided - which is a boarding house Mr White checks in with George as a couple

Ravi gets the bus in Some of the local Kansas residents cheerfully greet Ravi - mysteriously… Ravi determines that the friendly resident is actually supressing huge amounts of bigotry He finds Mr White and George there

George chats to the landlady about the other boarder  He's apparently a nice young scientist chap who keeps to himself Ravi asks to see the other boarder The Landlady tries to get Finnegan to come out of his room , but there's no response She opens the door and there is a portal into another space George puts her to sleep and they put her to bed

There are 2 FBI agents heading towards the boarding house

Alec wakes up in the boot of a car and thinks Ravi is somewhere nearby He decides to pretend to be asleep After a while he breaks out to discover himself in the same town as the others.  He checks the glove compartments and grabs an esoteric firearm Locals talk to Alec in a friendly manner

Joan's Town

Alec heads to the library Just then an FBI guy comes out of the motel and draws a gun on Alec- who shelters behind the local for cover The local directs Alec to the boarding house The FBI start firing bolts of electricity - one of them hitting Alec Alec gets up and then parkours out of there

George looks out the window and sees Alec being pursued by  FBI

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