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Lost member of the Ur

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One of my characters decided they wanted to be a long lost member of the Ur species. They have an almond shaped head and eyes, a thin corkscrew shaped body surrounded by six tentacles. They were put in stasis with several others after they created a universe encompassing network of machines that was using the Way to restart the universe and prevent its inevitable heat death. They were discovered in a damaged Ur ship by another member of the crew, and are trying to figure out why their project didn’t work.

We decided that many other xenos in the systems are distant descendants of the Ur with various evolutionary changes, so its easy enough for the Ur to blend in. The only tell-tale sign of their species is that their head is made up of separate segments, sort of like the petals of a flower, which “bloom” open and reveal their glowing blue crystalline skull when in the presence of Ur artifacts.

For 0 stress they can use their 6 limbs to multitask

For 1 stress they can use telekinesis to move something smaller than a table without lethal force, or telepathically speak to someone they can see

For 2 stress they can climb or leap great distances.

Their weakness is that when they are in the presence of Ur artifacts their head “blooms” in a way unique to the Ur species, and the crew takes 3 heat if their enemies or Hegemonic powers are there to witness it.

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