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 +{{:rulesfactionparadox:faction-paradox.gif?300  |Faction Paradox}}
 +======Faction Paradox======
 +- [[Faction:start|The Faction Paradox Website]] - as much of the original website as I could find, and with additional material about the newer books and audio dramas published after the website ceased. --- existed from No
 +- [[FactionInternet|Timelines Gleaned]] - Information found on the internet.
 +A quick note here - all content will be from publicly accessable internet sites or my own ramblings.  i.e. public domain stuff.  Except for the title seen to the right, which I did in photoshop based on the book cover art titles.
 +If it ever eventuates that someone wants to publish a roleplaying game and buys the license from the appropriate people (ie Lawrence Miles and Mad Norwegian press) - let me know and I'll see what needs to be pulled from this site.
 +====The Fan Wiki====
 +[[dronid:start|Dronid]] - Containing The Book of the War Apocrypha
 +====Roleplaying games====
 +  * [[FactionPbtA:Powered by the Paradox]] - The Faction in PbtA.
 +  * [[FactionDW|Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space]] - Useful information and files on using the Faction in the Cubicle 7 roleplaying game.  Including the play-by-post/convention game Paradox Diaspora.
 +  * [[FactionRoleplaying|The Roleplaying game]] - Notes on using the Faction with Amber Diceless Roleplaying
 +  * [[.grandstair:start|Lords of Gossamer and Shadow]] - the most recent incarnation of ADRPG
 +  * [[|Sisters of Paradox]] - Using Faction Paradox in the Buffy RPG and Charmed RPG
 +====External Links====
 +  *
 +  *
 +  *
 +  *
 +  *
 +  *
 +From the D20 yahoo group-
 +  * World of Darkness rules ---
 +  * Unisystem rules ---