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Misc Notes


Question to ask -

  • Describe a typical person you'd see on the street. First thing that pops into your head
  • What's something you usually have in your pocket that you often forget is there?



Modify memories - 18th c costume came from what remains of the chrono-memetic engravings, and was not worn to the meeting with the War King * ++Audio of elevator++ * ++Audio of conversation++



Part of a lost Roman legion wandering the city - was not returned to home when the city was swallowed. Is caught in a time loop until touched by Sylar. Last thought he was in Londinium - possibly talking to a native auger-equivalent when he saw a huge raven (Unkindness), that he decided to hunt.

Little Brother Williams

Little Sister Amelia


Character Design

So if you have a character based on yourself, I need quirky information - anything unusual, especially in relation to religion, ritual or stuff that may have been weird. These kind of things make good plot hooks for a Faction type game.
You get 18 points for skills and 12 for story points.
Points not spent on attributes/traits can be used for skills and vice versa.
Some traits lower story points and/or your maximum story points (12).


Easy - David's modern, the clothing's very easy to spot. The church had electric lights.
Normal - In fact the fixtures in the church, some may have been plastic.
Tricky - You're pretty sure that the London you read about didn't have street lights, even gas ones.
You're fairly certain the church you came from had electric lights in it - which is very at odds with what you see out here - not a single skyscraper or tall building of any sort (at least nothing over 5 storeys) on the skyline.
Everything you'd expect of a probably 18th century London otherwise (as far as you're aware)- cobbled streets, gas streetlamps etc.

Through the Sontaran armour, it appears as though a very sharp blade has passed - if Sylar is any judge of geometry, the blade appears to have had no thickness at all, but probably the size of a sword. Mono-molecular? Some kind of field or energy weapon?

Scavenging through the insides of the ship that had obviously seen some vicious melee combat, the Sontarans with their guns, their attackers with mostly bladed weapons - there were at least two different attackers, Sylar encounters several dead bodies of Sontarans. Some however, did not die in the fighting but in the resulting crash of the ship from a high altitude when most of its control systems were destroyed. Whomever attacked the ship came in through the hole Sylar himself used, and left again before the ship hit the ground. Most of the useful equipment is part of the ship and now non-functional. The portable gear for Sontarans in the field is still of use and includes - a belt attached translator, communicators the size of two fists (also with belt attachment), a multitool, many guns (mostly the pistol sized, t-shaped Mezon Gun) and spare armour suitable for anyone 5 feet tall or less who happens to be shaped like a Sontaran.

The various devices (apart from the guns) are large, bulky and designed to be used by the huge 3 fingered hands of Sontarans.

The date on the Sontaran computer is for the the place they were invading, not the local ship time - which is not very compatible with human measurements as they tend not to compare themselves to other standards. So you do know the date here, but not the date this particular ship has come from.

Appears to be holding a recording device of some sort. Likely for a military report. It's similar in size and shape to an infostamp if a bit smaller and only recording sound. Like most Sontaran tech, it's simple and bulky. A quick press of the button to record, a long press to play back. If you investigate it, you'll need to interrupt your conversation with the others and describe what you're doing with the arm and what it holds. A human, 5ft 3 in. Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Skinny, Caucasian. Clothing is of a post-industrial sort and obviously factory manufactured. He appears to be completely covered in rock dust.

A small alien standing no more than 1 Meter in height. Vaguely centaur like in that he has the lower body that resembles a centipede, with an up right humanoid upper body. His arms are triple jointed, and end in three fingered dexterous hands. His head resembles that of ant including the antennae, and pincered mouth. He wears a long robe of dark, rich colours that sweep off his shoulders and over his lower body.

Sylar is not familiar with the species. The insectoid speaks in clicks, which the Sontaran Translator converts into your native language - the human has no problems understanding him.

David -

Forgot to do a last thing I remember bit. I figure if it's at the car, maybe I black out as I get in to leave, or shut off the car after arriving. If it's while working on the lawn, maybe I was working with a handmower, it shut down and I black out while getting it to start again. Or hey, maybe I just suddenly go out while picking up some soda's at wal mart or whatever. :P

The migraine isn't every noise is a pain“ but more “blinding to the point of wanting to throw up”. You had a rock on your head, after all…”

There's something about seeing these guys in bone armour that makes David's head hurt.

Not only does Cousin Saul's voice sound very familiar to David, but he has memories of some kind of female in bone armour with a shadow (Saul is not female). That and the sky falling in on him.

David now has visions of a city, a huge city. Full of old and new buildings, skyscrapers, high tech straight-out-of-Star Trek buildings and even medieval castles.

He's reminded by these historic buildings around him, David's sure he's seen them in the huge city.

He also remembers going through a gate in the city to get to this London. And there was a woman in armour who attacked him. She came through the gate too…

David doesn't remember how he died exactly, but has vague recollections of a car accident of some sort. What is more important is the years spent in the city.

See: The City of the Saved“:

He recalls something about a mission for the rulers of the City, they planned to send him into the Eleven-Day Empire somehow to lead the people there out, because unless they got out of there, they couldn't be saved“ which would be a terrible loss to the City, which wants to save all of Humanity in all its forms.” David has spent the last couple of hundred years in the City, being an outstanding citizen - which is why he was amongst the final applicants for this mission.

However - there was some woman from the Faction. She said she was a representative of the Rump Parliament, Cousin Shuncucker. Only one person was meant to go through the gate - but she somehow managed to get through before it shut. She trapped David under the rubble, for some reason he remained immortal on this side of the gate, and not just in the City (in all other cases where a citizen leaves back to the normal universe, they become mortal again, there must be something odd about this place)

Actually they called the gate a Crosstime Gate“. If you ever read the book “Of the City of the Saved” (which is basically a murder mystery in a place where everyone is immortal) there is another gate called the “Downtime Gate”.”

David was sent to the Empire at this particular time in its history as it's recently suffered a catastrophe of epic proportions (more than the Sontaran invasion). I'll make the next audio drama available so you find out what that is.

Advice given to David was - find the folks in charge, lead them out and back to the real universe, here's a compass (it's one of the things in David's pocket that he forgot about when suffering massive head trauma on an immortal body)

The compass is meant to point the way out. Although it need to be a compass - whatever device you feel comfortable with, could be your phone even.

Skill points unspent will be for skills you picked up while living in the City - and they can be anything you like. You can either have them all return now, or gradually - it's fine either way.

I can't think of anything else David may have remembered - he does remember what the City rulers looked like - there was a tall statueque, incredibly beautiful woman, rumoured to be one of the builders of the computer that eventually become the city - and another woman, fairly plain looking. Shuncucker was allowed to accompany David to the gate. The Rump Parliament is composed of everyone in Faction Paradox who died (all the humans at least).

Also bare in mind - that these people specialise in time paradoxes and may be able to help David prevent his own untimely death.

Every architectural style and technology from all of human history is in the City. There are Neanderthals, there are cyborgs. They even have a space park“ area - about the size of a solar system or two for people to fly ships around in.

You don't know how you know Saul. Shuncucker was not meant to go through the gate - only you were, which is probably why she attacked you, so you couldn't stop her or report back. You know of Time Lords and Gallifrey. There are (or were) rumours about the Secret Architects - the unknown persons/beings/organisation that created the City, that the reason why they saved Humanity is because they were all wiped out in The War.

There was an attack on the City by a splinter group of the Time Lords, called the Celestis (the CIA who became a renegade group in their own pocket universe).

Shuncucker probably has plans that conflict with the goals of the City. I should also point out that part of your mission was to return to the City after completion. It's highly likely that Shuncucker has no such wish. You can defer your return until after you get Shuncucker to return as well. However, communication with the City isn't easy and you would need to find the Uptime Gate in order to tell them about Shuncucker. The Faction in the city is called the “Rump Parliament”. Morlock has just mentioned receiving a note from himself - this should imply that despite the illegality of it, some members of the Faction have been in contact with their future selves.

What the average member of the City knows about the Faction is very small - because the City is so incredibly large, there is just no way to know everything. Shuncucker turning up for the rescue mission was a bit out of the blue, as the council had not contacted the Rump Parliament at all about the mission - knowing that the Faction would create problems. This is just the kind of Time Paradox they like fiddling with.

You're not a member of the council so weren't aware of the politics behind this rescue mission. You were briefed on the Faction though (sorry, should have posted this stuff to you earlier)- Have a look at at my website stuff here-

Sylar - My thoughts were that he does tick, but it is a soft, background ticking that is usually only detected when there is general silence around. From memory, in “The Girl in the Fireplace”, the Clockwork Men disabled all other clocks because the ticking from the clock added to the ticking from themselves would be detectable… or something like that.

Here's an idea: Sylar carries around a pocket watch that does not make any sound (or is just not wound-up), but is there so that if anyone detects the slight ticking, that attribute it to his watch, which he wears so that it is obvious (i.e. the pocket watch chain is always in view).

While trying on a new cloak, Sylar notices ornamentation he previously didn't have. I'm assuming that his chassis wasn't highly ornamented to begin with, but more functional. If not, the ornamentation has changed from what it was.

This new pattern is similar to a celtic tattoo on a human but looks like it has more circles and hexes than normal.

Scanners report that not only has it always been there, it was part of your manufacturing process :) The design appears unfinished, and has no specific effects that Sylar can determine.

OOC - it can't have a pool but has rather specific effects later. It will actually be timey-wimey :) When it is finished your max storypoints will drop by a small amount (less than David's did)

The ornamentation involves some fairly high level mathematics. Not something Sylar is likely to know I think.

Jim - Is Jim dressed in psychic clothing as well? If so he appears to be a modern human, not 18th century.

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