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The Tenth Doctor

The Tenth Doctor

AKA: The Lonely God, Dr James McCrimmon, Sir Doctor of TARDIS, Doctor John Smith.

Advantages: Lots and lots of energy and occasional godlike enigmaticism, McGuffin: Psychic paper

Disadvantages: Arrogant and schizoid.


  • Oi, you could have someone's eye out with that!
  • I've seen fake gods and bad gods and demi gods and would-be gods; out of all that - out of that whole pantheon - if I believe in one thing… just one thing… I believe in her.
  • But that’s it! That’s exactly the point! Oh, Lumic, you’re a clever man. I’d call you a genius… except I’m in the room. But everything you’ve invented you did to fight your sickness. And that’s brilliant. That is so human. But once you get rid of sickness and mortality, then what’s there to strive for, eh? The Cybermen won’t advance, you’ll just stop! You’ll stay like this forever. A metal Earth with metal men and metal thoughts. Lacking the one thing that makes this planet so alive: people! Ordinary, stupid, brilliant people!

Recurring Phrases

  • I'm sorry, I'm so sorry…
  • Allons-y!
  • I like a little shop.
  • Brilliant!
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