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 +====== Lady Kathryn of Basingstoke ​ ======
 +The only child of Lord Henry Basingstoke,​ well known genealogist and
 +whittling enthusiast, Lady Kathryn spent a sheltered childhood
 +frolicking on the family estate. It was during this time that she
 +gained her vast knowledge of animal husbandry, which, along with her
 +own widely acclaimed whittling prowess, are perhaps her most famous
 +At sixteen, Lady Kathryn was wed to Vlad, a distant cousin discovered
 +by Lord Henry whilst researching the Romanian branch of the Basingstoke
 +family tree. The weeklong festivities of their wedding were celebrated
 +throughout England and marred only by the unfortunate and still
 +unexplained disappearance of three of her seven bridesmaids. Despite
 +the rather uncivil hours her husband kept, Lady Kathryn enjoyed married
 +life with the Count, spending her time performing charitable works for
 +gypsies and gathering material for her seminal volume `The Breeding of
 +Sadly, Vlad died after tripping and falling on a collection of tent
 +pegs whittled by Lady Kathryn for families affected by the Great Gypsy
 +Caravan Fire of 18--. Lady Kathryn returned home to Basingstoke,​ but
 +her Romanian Adventure (as this early period of her life is now often
 +referred) instilled a love of travel and adventure satisfied only by
 +frequent visits to far off places.
 +===== Stories =====
 +  *  [[The Great Siege of Antioch]]
 +===== Digressions =====
 +  * [[the_fickleness_of_the_reading_public]]
 +  * [[the_tedium_of_kidnap]]
 +====== ======
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