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Lady Kathryn of Basingstoke

The only child of Lord Henry Basingstoke, well known genealogist and whittling enthusiast, Lady Kathryn spent a sheltered childhood frolicking on the family estate. It was during this time that she gained her vast knowledge of animal husbandry, which, along with her own widely acclaimed whittling prowess, are perhaps her most famous accomplishments.

At sixteen, Lady Kathryn was wed to Vlad, a distant cousin discovered by Lord Henry whilst researching the Romanian branch of the Basingstoke family tree. The weeklong festivities of their wedding were celebrated throughout England and marred only by the unfortunate and still unexplained disappearance of three of her seven bridesmaids. Despite the rather uncivil hours her husband kept, Lady Kathryn enjoyed married life with the Count, spending her time performing charitable works for gypsies and gathering material for her seminal volume `The Breeding of Bats'.

Sadly, Vlad died after tripping and falling on a collection of tent pegs whittled by Lady Kathryn for families affected by the Great Gypsy Caravan Fire of 18–. Lady Kathryn returned home to Basingstoke, but her Romanian Adventure (as this early period of her life is now often referred) instilled a love of travel and adventure satisfied only by frequent visits to far off places.



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