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 +====== Frequently Asked Questions ======
 +Feel free to edit this page and type in whatever questions you may have.  I'll add my answers as promptly as I can.\\
 + --- //​[[|Peter Cobcroft]] 09/06/2005 11:49//
 +===== Questions =====
 +  - **NPC taking too long, or a player not responding quickly enough? ** \\ The thing is, Munchausen Wiki isn't a roleplaying game with a GM.  It's collaborative storytelling. ​ No one really owns an NPC, so anyone can write for them.  However you shouln'​t write what other Players are doing - that's just bad form. \\ If proceedings are going slowly, conversations or other interim preludes and diversions can happen with players that have a faster internet response rate. 
 +  - **Do I need to login to play?** \\ No.  But if you want to have a character in a game, it is best to create an account, as you can then put your signature on any story addition you make - which will add a timestamp as well.  That way other readers will know when you last updated your story.
 +  -  **I want to play a game in the [X] setting** \\ If there isn't a [[game]] running there currently, create one. 
 +  - **I've created a game, but no one is playing** \\ Advertise, talk to your friends - email those you think would be interested in a collaborative storytelling game.
 +  - **My favourite genre/​setting isn't here!** \\ Write up a [[page]] for it.  I'll have a look and add it to the start page.
 +===== Game Suggestions =====
 +What I'm thinking of doing sometime is a historical one - set on or before 900AD. ​ Sagas and folk tales in the vein of Viking sagas, or Irish folklore. ​ Magic will be encounters with the Fair Folk (Sidhe) and tend to be subtle. ​ People being turned into things, quests and obscure components needed for spells. ​ With the odd wandering bands of vikings, britons, irish, celts, etc causing violence. ​ Let's call this style "​[[Saga Munchausen]]"​.
 +Go back to the [[start]] page \\
 +Read the [[munchausen_lite|Current Rules]]
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