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Countess Barbara of Tango

The Lady Countess Barbara hails from the Spanish province of Tango, famous for the dance of that name, which was invented by an ancestor of the Countess' as a diversion during the rescue of Pope Joan from an army of infidels with whom the ancestor had ingratiated herself by well; that's another story.

Countess Barbara was wed to his most elderly Excellency, the Count Juan of Tango at the tender age of nineteen. For their honeymoon, the couple chartered a cruise ship, “The Golden Dromedary” and headed out to see the famous armoured jellyfishes of the Green Sea. Before they reached their destination, however, the Count met with a most unfortunate accident involving a chain of brass bells, the ship's foghorn, a garter belt and his own sword. Servants discovered his body in the bedroom the next morning. The Countess, it appears, had mercifully slept through the whole incident.

A woman of formidable courage, Her Excellency was able to martial her resources to overcome her grief and take charge of the Count's considerable wealth and estate. She has since travelled through the four corners of the world, seeking knowledge and a good story, as she is sure her husband would have wished.




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