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The many appellations of the Emperor of China

His Excellency Qian Long, beloved of heaven and five times winner of the Kan Xi children's book prize.

His most Royal and Imperial Majesty, Son of Heaven, Guardian of the Great Green Steppes, Twelve Time Champion and Once Runner Up in the All-China Full-Contact Ludo Tournament.

His Eminent Excellency, Qian Long, Emperor of China, Conqueror of Nations, and former Regional Under-15's Paperweight Wrestling Champion of Lower Nanjing.

His Majestic Radiance Qian Long, Glory of the World, Favoured by the Phoenix of the North Winds, and Blessed by Qing T'uk of the Overflowing Bounty in All Things and Accoutrements

Glorious Ruler of All He Surveys, Founder of the Long Dynasty and 2nd Zaitang Scout Troop

Champion of Rich and Poor alike, bearer of the Emerald Crescent, and Not a Bad Bloke All Round.

His Exaltedness, Marshall of the Bloody Large and Intimidating Host, Most Wise Settler of the Petty Disputes of Lesser Men, Who Basks Thrice Daily in the Golden Light of Benevolence.

Emperor of Glorious Sunsets and seven times elected King of the annual Nan Xing BSDM fundraising ball“

Great Leader Worthy of Legend, for whom all Heaven weeps.

Protector of Catfish, Lord of the Great Wall, and Collector of Stamps

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