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Story Outline

Give a single answer to each question. (If there’s an option you want that’s not included, you can add it – it’s your story after all.)

This establishes the backbone of your story. Limiting yourself to single answers now leaves plenty of room for other objectives, challenges and foes to arise naturally as your adventures develop.

1. What’s your most important objective?

☐ Rich
☐ Famous
☐ Revenge
☐ The bad guys (taking them down)
☐ Out of this alive Saving your…
☐ Race/Civilisation
☐ Planet
☐ Alliance
☐ Faction
☐ Freedom
☐ Family
☐ Friends
☐ Spaceport or City
☐ Home
☐ Business

☐ Your way home
☐ Those who did you wrong
☐ Somewhere truly safe
☐ Your enemies’ home base
☐ How to topple those in power
☐ How to escape the enemy
☐ Who is stealing our tech
☐ Who is stealing our people
☐ How to stop the dangerous tech
☐ How to stop the plague
☑️ Whoever is behind it all

Restoring your (or someone else’s)…
☐ Honour or reputation
☐ People (to their rightful place)
☐ Health
☐ Wealth, position or status

☐ Revolutionary new science or tech
☐ New civilisations
☐ An old civilisation
☐ Habitable planets
☐ The mother-lode planet/asteroid
☐ New wormholes or jump/star gates
☐ How to master the alien tech
☐ The keys to immortality

Learning what happened to…
☐ A missing ship
☐ A missing fleet
☐ A lost expedition
☐ A lost/failed colony
☐ An out-of-communication outpost
☐ An alien civilisation
☐ A destroyed starport, city or base
☐ A ruined planet
☐ A star system
☐ An entire sector

2. What’s the biggest obstacle or problem?

☐ Powerful forces oppose this
☐ It’s in dangerous territory
☐ It’s hazardous work
☐ The corruption is everywhere
☐ The plague is spreading
☐ It’ll take more resources than we have
☐ We’re being hunted
☑️ We’re being used or manipulated
☐ The answers are very well hidden

3. Who will work hardest to stop you?

☐ The Aliens
☐ Bounty hunters
☐ Robots, androids or smart tech
☑️ The rogue AI
☐ Intelligent predators
☐ The Megacorp
☐ The Power Baron
☐ The Insane Genius
☐ Corrupt officials
☐ A competing faction or group
☐ The infected
☐ A secret society
☐ Space pirates
☐ Super beings
☐ The telepaths
☐ Infiltrators or spies
☐ The Law
☐ The Military
☐ The Secret Police
☐ The Agency
☐ The Empire
☐ The Rebels
☐ The Guardians
☐ The Ancients
☐ The Cartel
☐ The True Believers
☐ Our Arch Nemesis
☐ The real culprits, whoever they are

3a. Why do/will they want to stop you?

Give a reason that explains their determination to stop you achieving your main objective.

Because of the robot PCs.

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