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Team Alden

This is the group of characters being run through a game in Western Shores by Curufea.

The Team

Baron Alden von Elbe-Ester

Baron of Elbe-Ester, an Irolon barony in the March of Ostmark

An aging mage, in a society where mages are highly repressed by a powerful church. As the only noble member of the party (and the only one who seems to have ANY money whatsoever), Baron Alden's whims were the primary motivating force behind most of Team Alden's adventures before certain information was brought to light. Now Baron Alden is assisting Thodric to depose the pretender Margraven in return for an understanding and to have some hope of recovering his barony.

Thodric Jarl

Mercenary soldier, hired by Baron Alden to command his guards in situations where normal baronial guards tend to lack experience. Thodric is a highly skilled warrior, and a consummate professional.

Oh, he's also the deposed Margrave, struggling to get back his lands from an evil elven sorceress. Who knew?


Charismatic bard taking advantage of Baron Alden's wealth and social status to further his career. Cadmus enjoys a drink, but is known to be quite deadly with a thrown knife. He seems a bit of a rogue at times, mostly due to his alter ego as Varin, highly placed and reknowned Hand of Loki troublemaker. More


A mind from who knows where in the body of a Rakshasa (shapeshifter), not even Red knows all about Red. His natural form is a huge two-headed, red-furred monster, but usually changes into an astoundingly generic human, with a face that's easy to forget. Red may be the world's most unlucky creature. Red is actually the Wu Shi Wang Chian Tzu Kongzi Chen, Mage of the fifth Huan, Imperial Sorcerer of Kartar, and his memory and mind is trapped in the true McGuffin, which is still missing, having apparently been given to the Duke of Bayern.

Friar Riso

As a representative of the church, Friar Riso is a dangerous person for the Baron to have around, but Riso seems quite willing to ignore the Baron's religious foibles. Riso has rather a disreputable past, which he has mostly put behind him. Riso is customarily bedecked with a wide assortment of lucky charms, amulets and relics, which seem to have a quite beneficial effect on his luck. Riso seems to be highly favoured by the gods; besides the luck drawn from his collection of trinkets, Riso has access to quite powerful clerical magic, though he has never been seen to use it for anything but healing.

Riso has now discovered that he is in truth an elf, and his real name is Feanor. This news has rather thrown him for a loop.

Mi Shang

Full name: Qi Yuan Mi Shang. A Kartaran Lioness, sent into the Western Shores to find the Wu Shi Wang Chian Tzu Kongzi Chen and invite him to return to Kartar. It seems the Kartarans have some foreknowledge of the alien invasion, and mages as powerful as Wang are rare and highly valued. Wang is needed to defend Kartar from the invasion. Mi Shang has lost her entire scouting team to attack by the Tyranids, at which point she was found and healed by Baron Alden. The Baron's magical healing also healed her old scars, about which Mi Shang is rather annoyed. Mi Shang is a quite capable fighter, though her speciality is leading small scouting teams.

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