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Price List

Taken from the excellent list compiled for Harn by Alan D. Nelso

Animal Breeder / Trainer

Item Weight Cost
Bear, Trained 300d +
Dog, Sled 30d
Dog, Trained 24d
Falcon, Trained 5 100d
Puppy, Hound 18d
Puppy, Ratter 9d
Puppy, Sheepdog 18d
Puppy, Wolfhound 12d


Item Weight Cost
Acid, Strong 1/16 30d
Acid, Weak 1/16 6d
Herb, Very Common, per oz 1/16 3d
Herb, Common, per oz 1/16 6d
Herb, Uncommon, per oz 1/16 12d
Herb, Rare, per oz 1/16 60d
Herb, Very Rare, per oz 1/16 120d
Spice, Alum, per oz 1/16 16d
Spice, Bdellium, per oz 1/16 40d
Spice, Cinnamon, per oz 1/16 40d
Spice, Camphor, per oz 1/16 50d
Spice, Frankincense, per oz 1/16 70d
Spice, Ginger, per oz 1/16 30d
Spice, Ginseng, per oz 1/16 170d
Spice, Keddryth, per oz 1/16 45d
Spice, Lashu Powder, per oz 1/16 180d
Spice, Marthyn, per oz 1/16 200d
Spice, Myrrh, per oz 1/16 150d
Spice, Nard, per oz 1/16 100d
Spice, Nutmeg, per oz 1/16 50d
Spice, Pepper, per oz 1/16 36d
Beeswax 1 1d
Garlic bulb 0.1 9d
Glue, pint 1 3d
Pipe weed 1/16 2d
Sponges , each 0.1 45d
Sugar 1 60d
Talc, Fine 1/16 10d
Tea, per oz 1/16 35d

Arcane Lore

Item Cost
Translation: See Misc: Scribe and add “Read” cost below
Sage, Uncommon Information 25d
Sage, Identification of plant 25d
Sage, Summary of Politics 25d
Sage, Recent History 25d
Sage, Rare Information 75d
Sage, Read Dead Language 75d
Sage, Description of Foreign Lands 75d
Sage, Old History 75d
Sage, Very Rare Information 200d
Sage, Read Ancient Dead Lang. 200d
Sage, Desc. of Far-Away lands 200d
Sage, Ancient History 200d
Sage, Dangerous / Illicit Information 500d+
Sage, Read Magical Texts 500d+
Sage, Desc. Of Poisons 500d+
Sage, Heretical Theological Spec. 500d+


Item Time Make Wgt Price
Quilt * 60 h 120d 20 400d
Kurbul * 250 h 100d 18 500d
Ring * 200 h 100d 40 700d
Mail * 600 h 90d 50 1500d
Scale * 350 h 120d 65 1000d
Plate * 500 h 120d 70 2000d
Armourer Repair Kit, portable 4 24d
Shield, Buckler 3 24d
Shield, Round 6 42d
Shield, Kite 9 72d
Shield, Heater 5 60d
Shield, Scutem 12 96d
  • for 100% coverage


Item Weight Cost
Bone (for carving) 1 1f
Buttons, 4 matching - 3f
Clappers, bone 1.25 1d
Comb, hair 0.1 2d
Dice, per 6 0.25 5d
Horn, bone, hunting 1 9d
Horn, drinking 12 24d
Needles, sewing 1/16 9d
Pipe, smoking 0.25 3d

Bowyer / Fletcher

Item Weight Cost
Arrowheads, per dozen 0.3 7d
Bowstring, Bow 0.05 2d
Bowstring, Crossbow 0.1 3d
Feathers 1 7d
Arrows, per dozen 2.4 15d
Quarrels, per dozen 2.4 20d
Arbalest 12 150d
Crossbow 5 120d
Hartbow (Elf only) 1.5 96d
Longbow 2 36d
Shortbow (Self bow) 1.5 12d
Spanning Device, Belt and Claw 1 10d
Spanning Device, Goat's Foot Lever 2 25d
Spanning Device, Cranequin 3 120d
Spanning Device, Windlass 4 60d


Item Weight Cost
Any Common Item 120% of base price
Brush, Hair 0.25 3d
Candle, Calibrated (8 hrs) 0.5 10d
Candles, Beeswax (12 hrs / lb) 1 24d
Candles, Tallow (8 hrs / lb) 1 8d
Comb 0.1 2d
Flask of Oil, glass (1 pt cap.) 1.5 13.25d
Flask of Oil, metal (1 pt cap.) 1.2 7.25d
Grease 1 2d
Lamp. glass (½ pt., 4 hrs) 2 24d
Lantern, metal (½ pt., 4 hrs) 1 12d
Lard 1 1d
Oil, Cooking, gallon 10 3d
Oil, Lamp, gallon (256 hrs) 12 12d
Oil, pint (32 hrs) 1 1.25d
Paint, per gallon 8 20d +
Tar 12 9d
Tinderbox 2 6d
Torch 1 1d
Wax, sealing 1 4d


Item Weight Cost
Charcoal, per bushel 20 2d
Coal, per bushel 40 6d
Firewood, per hundredweight 100 2d
Tinder, per bundle 4 2f


Item Time Weight Cost
Clothes, Linen, Hârnic* 20 hrs 1.3 16d
Clothes, Linen, Emlrne* 20 hrs 1.3 96d
Clothes, Serge* 20 hrs 2.5 25d
Clothes, Buckram* 20 hrs 5 42d
Clothes, Russet* 20 hrs 2.5 50d
Clothes, Worsted Wool* 20 hrs 3-5 100d
Clothes, Silk* 20 hrs 1 112d
Clothes, Ermine* 50 hrs
Clothes, Sealskin* 50 hrs
Clothes, Beaver* 50 hrs
Laundry, per 14lbs (stone) - 2f
Bedroll, Heavy (freezing) 10 105d
Bedroll, Light (cool) 4 30d
Belt pouch, buckram (5 lb. cap.) 0.5 5d
Belt pouch, silk (5 lb. cap.) 0.5 35d
Blanket, heavy 8 20d
Blanket, light 3 10d
Carpet, wool 12 40d
Cloak, wool 3.5 100d
Mattress, straw, empty 1.5 12d
Needle & 5 ft. thread 0.05 3d
Purse, buckram (1 lb. cap) 0.75 9d
Purse, silk (1 lb. cap) 0.75 60d
Sack, lg, buckram (75 lb. cap.) 3 4d
Sack, lg, linen (60 lb. cap.) 3 2d
Sack, med, buckram (50 lb. cap.) 2 2d
Sack, med, linen (40 lb. cap.) 2 1d
Sack, sm, buckram (25 lb. cap.) 1 1d
Sack, sm, linen (20 lb. cap.) 1 2f
Sheet, linen 2.5 20d
Tape, measure, cloth (6') 0.1 3d
Tarpaulin (water-resist blanket) 3 15d
Textile craft Kit 2 24d
Thread, flax, per yard 0.1 1d
Towel, cotton 5 48d
Waterproofing +50% of base price
Cloth, buckram, per bolt (48 sq yd) 72 480d
Cloth, russet, per bolt (48 sq yd) 36 576d
Cloth, serge, per bolt (48 sq yd) 36 288d
Cloth, silk, per bolt (48 sq yd) 24 1344d
Lace, per sq yard 50d
Linen, Emelrene, per bolt (48 sq yd) 18 1152d
Linen, Hârnic, per bolt (48 sq yd) 18 192d
Wool, Worsted, per bolt (36 sq yd) 36 864d
  • for 100% coverage

Courtesan / Prostitute

Item Cost
Courtesan per ev 12d +
Courtesan, Great/Famous per ev 100d +
Prostitute per ev 1d


Item Weight Cost
Dye, (Black), per oz 1/16 36d
Dye, Dragon's Blood, per oz 1/16 170d
Dye, (Forest Green), per oz 1/16 24d
Dye, Indigo Blue, per oz 1/16 54d
Dye, Nut Brown, per oz 1/16 18d
Dye, Saffron Yellow, per oz 1/16 160d
Dye, Tazach Purple, per oz 1/16 200d
Dye, Ochre Yellow, per oz 1/16 30d


Item Cost
Burial, Unmarked Grave - 3d+
Burial, Pyre - 75d+
Embalming - 200d +


Item Weight Cost
Alchemical Equipment for Lab 240d
Beads, glass 0.1 10d
Bottle, glass, sm (1 qt cap.) 2 / 4 6d
Bottle, glass, med (2 qt cap.) 3 / 7 10d
Bottle, glass, lg (1 gal cap.) 4 / 12 25d
Goblet, glass 0.5 48d
Flask, glass (1 pt cap.) 1 / 2 6d
Inkwell, glass 1 30d
Jar, lg, glass (2 qt cap.) 2 / 6 18d
Jar, sm, glass (1 qt cap.) 1 / 3 9d
Marbles, glass, per dozen 1 10d
Vial, glass, sm (1 oz cap.) 0.5 / 0.6 4d
Vial, glass, med (4 oz cap.) 0.75 / 1.25 4d
Vial, glass, lg (8 oz cap.) 1.25 / 1.75 4d
Window, stained glass, per sq ft 2 12d
Window, clear glass, per sq ft 1 2d


Item Weight Cost
Bagpipes 8 120d
Bell, tiny 0.25 3d
Clappers, bone 1.25 1d
Chime 1 20d
Drum, bass 8 50d
Drum, hand 4 36d
Dulcimer 15 240d
Flute, iron 1 18d
Flute, wooden 0.5 3d
Harp, Aeolian (small) 6 42d
Harp, Jarind (great) 25 300d
Horn, fanfare 4 120d
Horn, musical 1 72d
Lute 3 200d
Lyre 3 120d
Ocarina Flute 0.75 18d
Pipes 2 60d
Composition 12d +
Performance, Lyrical, per evening - 3d +
Performance, Musical, per evening - 9d +


Item Cost
Admission into College (test) 320d
Grant of Arms 5000d+
Registry, Bastard 120d
Schooling/Education per mo 72d


Item Time Weight Cost
Clothing, Leather* 200 hrs 18 300d
Armor, Kurbul* 500 hrs 22 500d
Hide, Beaver *1.5 30d
Hide, Calf 9.5 16d
Hide, Cow 22
Hide, Deer 1.5 6d
Hide, Elk 5
Hide, Ermine/Sable *0.1 45d
Hide, Exotic 120d +
Hide, Horse 10 10d
Hide, Kip (large calf) 5
Hide, Lambskin 0.75 2d
Hide, Otter/Weasel *1.5 24d
Hide, Ox *7.5 12d
Hide, Pig 1.75 5d
Hide, Rabbit *0.5 1d
Hide, Reindeer *4.5 16d
Hide, Sheep 1.5 4d
Hide, Seal *6 24d
Back bag, lg, leather (40 lb. cap.) 2.5 15d
Back bag, med, leather (30 lb. cap.) 2 12d
Backpack (15 lb. cap.) 2 30d
Baldric, Shoulder 1.75 10d
Ball, leather 1 4d
Belt, Waist 1 8d
Belt pouch, leather, lg (5 lb cap.) 1 6d
Belt pouch, leather, med (3 lb cap.) 0.5 4d
Belt pouch, leather, sm (1.5 lb cap.) 0.25 2d
Bow case 4.75 18d
Bridle 2 12d
Bucket, leather 4 / 44 20d
Collar 0.75 3d
Gauntlet, falconer's 1.5 20d
Harness, Horse 8 18d
Harness, Ox 7 18d
Hideworking Kit, portable 2 24d
Horn, Hunting 1 20d
Leash 0.5 2d
Leather, Tanned, per sq yard 12d
Muzzle 1.5 6d
Paper case, leather (30 sheets) 0.9 180d
Quiver, lg (shldr) (24 arrow cap.) 4 10d
Quiver, sm (any) (12 arrow cap.) 3 8d
Saddle, Riding 10 80d
Saddle, War 20 240d
Scabbard 10% wpn 48d
Sling 0.1 6d
Water skin, lg -1 man-day (2 qt cap.) 1 / 5 36d
Water skin, sm (1 qt cap.) 0.5 / 2.5 12d
Whip 12d
  • for 100% coverage


Item Weight Cost
Bath - 1d
Drink, Ale, Hogshead 440 72d
Drink, Ale, Keg 88 28d
Drink, Ale, Pint 1 1f
Drink, Beer, Hogshead 440 75d
Drink, Beer, Keg 88 29d
Drink, Beer, Pint 1 1f
Drink, Brandy, Keg 88 720d
Drink, Brandy, Cup - 4d
Drink, Cider, Keg 88 31d
Drink, Cider, Pint 1 1f
Drink, Mead, Keg 88 55d
Drink, Mead, Pint 1 2f
Drink, Wine, Hogshead 440 400d
Drink, Wine, Keg 88 160d
Drink, Wine, Bottle 2 8d
Drink, Wine, Cup - 3f
Drink, Wine, Good, Hogshead 440 1170d
Drink, Wine, Good, Keg 88 470d
Drink, Wine, Good, Bottle 2 14d
Drink, Wine, Good, Cup - 3d
Bed, Dormitory (soiled straw bed) per night 1f
Bed, Dormitory (fresh straw bed) per night 1d
Bed, Semi-private per night 4d
Room, single bed, private per night 6d
Room, double bed, private per night 12d
Rations, Standard (lasts 1 tenday) 3 per day 2d
Rations, Trail (lasts 3 tendays) 3 per day 3d
Stabling (if offered) per day 1d
Stabling, with Feed (if offered) per day 2d
Dessert, Apple Tart 2f
Dessert, Bannocks & Honey 3f
Dessert, Dumplings 1f
Dessert, Elderflower Cheese Pie 12d
Dessert, Gooseberry Pie 4d
Dessert, Pears & Honey Wine 6d
Dessert, Plum Duff & Custard 1d
Dessert, Rose Petal Pudding 2d
Meal, Cheap (bread & cheese) 1f
Meal, Cold 3f
Meal, Hot (stew & warm bread) 1d
Meal, Lavish (with fresh meat) 3d +
Baked Lamprey Eels 3d
Beef & Carrot Broth 1d
Black Swan in Brandy 24d
Cabbage Soup 1f
Capon & Black Sauce 4d
Chicken & Pigeon Pie 4d
Chicken & Turnip Broth 3f
Duck & Chawdron Sauce 9d
Goose & Fruit Sauce 18d
Kidney & Dumplings 2d
Liver & Giblet Stew 1d
Monkfish & Dates 6d
Mussel & Oyster Soup 2d
Mutton & Barley Broth 2f
Ox tongue & Herb Sauce 6d
Pea & Bean Soup 1f
Pork & Apple Sauce 5d
Salmon & Mustard Cream 12d
Franchise 40L +


Item Cost
File, jeweler's 0.1 7d
Hammer, jeweler's 0.1 7d
Pliers, jeweler's 1.25 8d
Scales, jeweler's 3 72d
Tweezers, jeweler's 0.05 1.25d
Common Gems:
Agate, cut, per carat 3d6 k 10d
Amber, cut, per carat 3d6 k 2d
Bloodstone, cut, per carat 2d6 k 15d
Carnelian, cut, per carat 2d6 k 25d
Jet, cut, per carat 4d6 k 1d
Moonstone, cut, per carat 2d6 k 30d
Onyx, cut, per carat 3d6 k 20d
Opal, cut, per carat 3d6 k 80d
Pearl, cut, per carat 3d6 k 10d
Quartz, cut, per carat 3d6 k 5d
Spinel, cut, per carat 2d6 k 40d
Rare Gems:
Chrysolite, cut, per carat2 1d6 k 500d
Diamond, cut, per carat2 1d6 k 800d
Emerald, cut, per carat2 1d6 k 700d
Garnet, cut, per carat2 1d6 k 400d
Jankorez, cut, per carat2 1d6 k 1200d
Ruby, cut, per carat2 1d6 k 1000d
Sapphire, cut, per carat2 1d6 k 900d
Topaz, cut, per carat2 1d6 k 600d
Amber, per oz. 1/16 50d
Bone/Horn, per oz. 1/16 1d
Brass, per oz. 1/16 1d
Copper/Bronze, per oz. 1/16 1d
Glass, per oz. 1/16 6d
Gold, per oz. 1/16 1200d
Ivory, per oz. 1/16 16d
Jade, per oz. 1/16 500d
Mithral, per oz. 1/16 7500d
Pewter, per oz. 1/16 1d
Silver, per oz. 1/16 60d
Adornment, inlay/cameo 100-500% of base
Adornment, engraved/carved 100-300% of base
Anklet 1d6+4 dr.
Bracelet 1d6+2 oz.
Broach 2d6+2 dr.
Circlet 1d6+2 oz.
Comb 2d6+4 dr.
Crown 5d6+2 oz.
Earrings 1d4+1 dr.
Necklace 2d6+2 oz.
Pendant 3d6+2 dr.
Orb/etc. 4d6+2 oz.
Ring 1d6+4 dr.
Statuette 5d6+2 oz.
Tiara 2d6+2 oz.
Wand 8d6+2 oz.


Item Cost
Land, urban, slum, per sq ft 3f
Land, urban, poor, per sq ft 6f
Land, urban, mid, per sq ft 3d
Land, urban, good, per sq ft 5d
Land, urban, best, per sq ft 7d
Land, suburban 50% of base value
Rent, per month 2% property value
Toll, camel or ox 2f
Toll, cart 1f
Toll, goat or sheep 1f
Toll, horse 1d
Toll, person (afoot) 1f
Toll, wagon 1d


Item Cost
Book, Base (No Pages) 1 10d
Chalk Sticks 1 10d
Ink, Black, per pint 2 9d
Ink, Blue, per pint 2 10d
Ink, Brown, per pint 2 8d
Ink, Green, per pint 2 8d
Ink, Red, per pint 2 12d
Map 0.1 12d +
Parchment, per page 0.1 2d
Pen, metal 0.1 4d
Pen, quill 0.05 1d
Pen, wood 0.1 1d
Seal, Signature 0.25 36d
Vellum, per page 0.2 1d
Wax Tablet 6d
Writing Kit, portable (0.6 lb cap.) 2.4 36d


Item Cost
Contract 12d +
Court Appearance per day 12d
Deed 18d
Sale of Property 10%
Will 24d

Market / Butcher

Item Weight Cost
Bacon 1 1.25d
Beef 1 1d
Chicken 1 1.25d
Duck 1 2d
Goat 1 1.5d
Goose 1 2d
Ham 1 1d
Horsemeat 1 3d
Lamb 1 3d
Mutton 1 2d
Pheasant 1 1d
Pigeon 1 1.75d
Pork 1 1.5d
Rabbit 1 2.5d
Swan 1 3d
Veal 1 2d
Venison 1 2d
Meat, Jerked 150% of basic price
Meat, Smoked 125% of basic price

Market / Farmer

Item Weight Cost
Barley, per bushel 48 5d
Flax, per bushel 60
Hay, per bushel 60 6d
Oats, bushel 32 4d
Rye, per bushel 56 6d
Straw (2.5 lbs / ft3)
Wheat, per bushel 60 8d
Butter 1 2f
Cheese 1 1d
Cream, gallon 8 6d
Curds 1 2f
Eggs, score 1d
Milk, cow, gallon 8 1d
Milk, goat, gallon 8 1d
Milk, sheep, gallon 8 2d
Feathers 1 6d
Fleece 3 12d
Wool, Raw 1 4d

Market / Greengrocer

Item Weight Cost
Apples, per bushel 51.25 7.5d
Apples 1 1f
Beans, per bushel 41.25 6.5d
Berries 1 3f
Cabbage 1 2f
Carrots 1 2f
Cherries 1 2f
Grapes 1 1d
Honey, pint 2 2d
Honey, gallon 12 12d
Lentils 1 2f
Olives 1 8d
Pears 1 2f
Peas, per bushel 41.25 6.5d
Plums 1 3f
Raisins 1 1.5d
Scallions 1 1f
Tomatoes 1 2f
Vetches 1 4d
Fruit, Dried 150% of basic price

Market / Fisherman

Item Weight Cost
Anchovies 1 1f
Cod 1 1d
Crab 1 1d
Eels 1 3f
Herring 1 2f
Mackerel 1 1f
Pike 1 1d
Oysters 1 2f
Salmon 1 2d
Seaweed, Dolce 1 6d
Trout 1 1d
Fish, Salted 200% of basic price
Fish, Smoked 150% of basic price
Fishing Kit, portable 0.2 6d

Market / Livestock

Item Weight Cost
Calf, live (35-50 lbs. meat) 150 - 450 *60d
Chicken, live (3-4 lbs. meat) *1.5d
Cow, live (300-540 lbs. meat) 500 - 900 *115d
Duck, live (4-6 lbs. meat) *1.75d
Goat, live (25-40 lbs. meat) *10d
Goose, live (8-10 lbs. meat) *2.5d
Lamb, live (10-15 lbs. meat) 20 - 30 23.5d
Ox, live (720-1800 lbs. meat) 1200 - 3000 *96d
Pigeon, live (2-3 lbs. meat) *2f
Pig, live (30-50 lbs. meat) 40 - 65 *24d
Sheep, live (20-30 lbs. meat) 40 - 60 22d
Swan, live (8-12 lbs. meat) *12d

Market / Miller

Item Weight Cost
Bread, Barley, Loaf 1f
Bread, Rye, Loaf 1f
Bread, Wheat, Loaf 2f
Buns, Dozen 3 2f
Flour, Barley 1 1f
Flour, Rye 1 1f
Flour, Wheat 1 2f
Oatcakes, Dozen 4 1f
Oatmeal 1 1f
Oats, per bushel 25.5 5.75d
Pie, Fruit ½ 3f
Pie, Meat ½ 1d
Scones, Dozen 1 2f
Milling License per yr 240d
Milling 10% of ingredients

Market / Salter

Item Weight Cost
Salt, per bushel 51 10d
Salt, per pound 1 1f
Salt, rock, per pound 1 2f


Item Weight Cost
Chalk, bulk 1 1d
Chalk, powdered 1 4d
Grindstone 17 12d
Limestone, powdered 1 3d
Millstone 50 250d
Stone, 8 cubic feet 400 2f
Stone, Fine, 8 cubic feet 400 1d
Stone, Marble, 8 cubic feet 400 3d
Talc, Rough 1/16 1d
Castle, Large 10000L
Castle, Small 1000L
House, Middle Class/Average 12L
House, Middle Class/Poor 6L
House, Middle Class/Wealthy 20L
House, Slum/Hovel 3L
House, Upper Class with Garden 40L
House, Upper Class/Wealthy 28L
Keep, Large 2000L
Keep, Small 200L
Manor house, Large Stone 60L
Manor house, Small Stone 40L
Mill 4L
House, urban, slum per sq ft 1f
House, urban, poor per sq ft 3f
House, urban, mid per sq ft 6f
House, urban, good per sq ft 10f
House, urban, best per sq ft 14f
House, suburban 50% of base price
Wall, Stone, per 5 sq ft (5 ft. thick) 12d
Demolition of Building, per sq ft 1f

Metalcrafter / General

Item Weight Cost
Ball and chain 4 60d
Beads, copper 0.1 7d
Bell, hand 1 5d+
Bell, tiny 0.25 3d
Bell, small 0.5 4d
Bell, temple 50+ 200d
Bowl, copper 0.5 6d
Bowl, pewter 0.5 4d
Brazier 25 100d
Bucket, copper (3 gal. cap) 2 / 26 10d
Cage, sm, iron (1 cubic ft) 2.5 48d
Cage, med, iron (24 cubic ft) 21.5 342d
Cage. Lg, iron (144 cubic ft) 160 1260d
Caltrops, cavalry, per hex (4) 2 12d
Candleholder, hand 0.5 4d
Candlestick, iron 1 7d
Cauldron, Iron 30 30d
Cauldron Tripod, Iron 8 10d
Chain, hv, per foot (2000 lb. cap.) 4 5d
Chain, lt, per foot (500 lb. cap.) 1 2d
Cooking Kit, portable 5 24d
Cooking pot, copper 3 6d
Cup, copper 0.25 3d
Cup, pewter 0.25 2d
Fishhooks, per dozen 0.1 2d
Flask, Metal (1 pt. cap.) 0.2 5d
Goblet, pewter 0.75 3d
Horseshoe, each 0.75 1d
Inkwell, copper 1 12d
Knife, Kitchen 1 6d
Ladle, copper 1.5 4d
Mirror, bronze 2 12d
Mirror, iron, silver-coated 2 20d
Nails, 2 dozen 1 2d
Pan, copper, small 1.5 5d
Pan, copper, medium 2 8d
Pan, copper, large 3 12d
Pitons, iron, ½ dozen (200 lb cap.) 2 6d
Piton, iron, looped (200 lb cap.) 1 5d
Plate, pewter 0.5 5d
Plate, tin 0.5 2d
Razor, shaving 0.25 6d
Spigot 0.25 9d
Spikes 1 1.25d
Spit and Stand, iron 12 15d
Spoon, pewter 0.25 4d
Sundial, bronze 50 225d
Tankard, pewter 1 4d
Trap, hunting, small 1.5 30d
Trap, hunting, large 8 40d
Wire, copper, per ft. 0.1 2d

Metalcrafter / Thieves Guild

Item Weight Cost
Caltrops, infantry, per hex (20) 1 18d
Hardwood Strips, per dozen 0.2 2d
Hooked wires, per dozen 0.25 2d
Lock picks, long, per dozen 1.5 15d+
Lock picks, short, per dozen 1 12d+
Probes, long, per dozen 0.25 8d
Mirror, small 0.5 20d+
Lock craft Kit, portable 4 65d

Metalcrafter / Locksmith

Item Weight Cost
Fetters 5 30d+
Keys 0.1 2d +
Lock, door, heavy-duty 2 30d+
Lock, door, large 1 20d+
Lock, door, small 0.75 45d+
Lock, miniature 0.25 90d
Lock, padlock 0.5 35d+
Lock, padlock, heavy-duty 1.5 50d+
Lockbox, lg (20 lb. cap) 5 24d +
Lockbox, sm (5 lb. cap) 3 12d +
Lock pick Kit, lg (+20 EML) 10 50d
Lock pick Kit, sm 6 40d

Metalcrafter / Toolmaker

Item Weight Cost
Adze 2.5 15d
Axe, Feller's 6 78d
Axe, Wood 2 24d
Axle, wagon 12 6d
Bradawl, 1/10“ tip 0.25 3d
Branding Iron 3 18d
Chisel 0.75 6d
Coin Balance 0.5 52d
Crowbar 5.5 9d
File, jeweler's 0.1 7d
File, metal 0.75 15d
Grappling Hook, Heavy (300 lb. cap) 2 35d
Grappling Hook, Light (150 lb. cap) 2 10d
Hammer, carpenter's 2 5d
Hammer, jeweler's 0.1 7d
Hammer, sledge (blacksmith's) 8d 24d
Hand drill 3.5d 40d
Harpoon 5 3d
Hatchet, wood 2 6d
Hoe 4 3d
Pick, miner's 8 8d
Pincers, carpenter's 0.75 5d
Pitchfork 5 6d
Pliers, jeweler's 1.25 8d
Plough, metal blade 12 72d
Saw, keyhole 0.5 10d
Saw, metal 0.5 20d
Saw, 2-person 12 72d
Scales & Weights 7.5 144d
Scythe 5 24d
Sickle 3 72d
Spade/Shovel 7 8d
Spurs 0.25 18d
Tongs, blacksmith's 2.25 3d
Tweezers, jeweler's 0.05 1.25d
Wedge, splitting 3 18d
Wedge, staying 1 225d
Whetstone 3 36d

Mercantyler / Guild

Item Weight Cost
Bonding Fee per mo 1%
Brokerage, Mangai Hall 5%
Caravan Fee, Afoot per lg 2d
Caravan Fee, Cart per lg 6d
Caravan Fee, Horse per lg 4d
Caravan Fee, Wagon per lg 12d
Caravan Fees for Mercantylers 50% of base price
Currency Exchange 20%
Freight, Overland, per 5 leagues per ton 20d
Freight, Sea, per 5 leagues per ton 4d
Guild Dues 10%
Guild Dues, Miners 20%
Hawking Tax 10%
Loan, Local Trade per mo 5%
Loan, Overland Trade per mo 10%
Loan, Sea Trade per mo 20%
Loan, Secured per mo 1%
Market Stall Fee (foreign/unguilded) per day 1d
Retail Pricing 100% of listed cost
Trade Pricing 75% of listed cost
Wholesale Pricing 50% of listed cost


Item Weight Cost
Light Foot Soldier, Wage per day 1d
Light Foot Soldier, Support per day 1d
Light Foot Soldier, Wage per mo. 24d
Light Foot Soldier, Support per mo. 24d
Medium Foot Soldier, Wage per day 2d
Medium Foot Soldier, Support per day 1.25d
Medium Foot Soldier, Wage per mo. 48d
Medium Foot Soldier, Support per mo. 30d
Heavy Foot Soldier, Wage per day 3d
Heavy Foot Soldier, Support per day 1.5d
Heavy Foot Soldier, Wage per mo. 72d
Heavy Foot Soldier, Support per mo. 36d
Light Cavalry, Wage per day 4d
Light Cavalry, Support per day 3d
Light Cavalry, Wage per mo. 96d
Light Cavalry, Support per mo. 72d
Medium Cavalry, Wage per day 8d
Medium Cavalry, Support per day 3.5d
Medium Cavalry, Wage per mo. 192d
Medium Cavalry, Support per mo. 84d
Heavy Cavalry, Wage per day 12d
Heavy Cavalry, Support per day 4d
Heavy Cavalry, Wage per mo. 288d
Heavy Cavalry, Support per mo. 96d
Short bow Archer, Wage per day 2d
Short bow Archer, Support per day 1.5d
Short bow Archer, Wage per mo. 48d
Short bow Archer, Support per mo. 30d
Longbow Archer, Wage per day 3d
Longbow Archer, Support per day 1.5d
Longbow Archer, Wage per mo. 72d
Longbow Archer, Support per mo. 36d
Engineer, Wage per day 2d
Engineer, Support per day 1.5d
Engineer, Wage per mo. 48d
Engineer, Support per mo. 36d


Item Weight Cost
Amber 1 265d
Brass 1 3d
Bronze 1 4d
Copper 1 2d
Gold 1 6400d
Iron 20 1d
Jade 1 2665d
Lead 1 1f
Mithral 1 32000d
Pewter 1 3d
Silver 1 320d
Steel 1 1d
Steel, Kh&úzan 1 5d
Tin 1 2d
Zinc 1 16d
Common Gems:
Agate, uncut, per carat 2-3x cut wgt 2d
Amber, uncut, per carat 2-3x cut wgt 2f
Bloodstone, uncut, per carat 2-3x cut wgt 3d
Carnelian, uncut, per carat 2-3x cut wgt 5d
Jet, uncut, per carat 2-3x cut wgt 1f
Moonstone, uncut, per carat 2-3x cut wgt 6d
Onyx, uncut, per carat 2-3x cut wgt 4d
Opal, uncut, per carat 2-3x cut wgt 16d
Pearl, uncut, per carat 2-3x cut wgt 2d
Quartz, uncut, per carat 2-3x cut wgt 1d
Spinel, uncut, per carat 2-3x cut wgt 8d
Rare Gems:
Chrysolite, uncut, per carat2 2-3x cut wgt 100d
Diamond, uncut, per carat2 2-3x cut wgt 160d
Emerald, uncut, per carat2 2-3x cut wgt 140d
Garnet, uncut, per carat2 2-3x cut wgt 80d
Jankorez, uncut, per carat2 2-3x cut wgt 240d
Ruby, uncut, per carat2 2-3x cut wgt 200d
Sapphire, uncut, per carat2 2-3x cut wgt 180d
Topaz, uncut, per carat2 2-3x cut wgt 120d


Item Weight Cost
Tapestry (Embroiderer) 20 200d
Marbles, Glass, per dozen (Tinker) 1 10d
Marbles, Stone, per dozen (Tinker) 1 5d
Seat, Poor (Pamesani Games) 2f
Seat, Good (Pamesani Games) 12d
Portage (Porter) per day 1d
Translate mdrn lang, verbal (Scribe) per 50 wd 1d
Translate mdrn lang, written (Scribe) per 50 wd 8d


Item Weight Cost
Blanket, horse 2.5 24d
Bridle 1 12d
Collar, horse 2 18d
Comb, horse 0.25 3d
Fodder 10 1f
Harness, Horse 8 20d
Harness, Ox 7 20d
Pack Harness 24d
Saddle Bag (15 lb. cap) 3 36d
Saddle, Riding 10 85d
Saddle, War 20 250d
Ass 550
Burro 350
Donkey 450 120d
Horse, Draft (Cart) 1400 180d
Horse, Plough 1200 240d
Horse, Hacherdad 1500 600d
Horse, Riding 800 450d
Horse, Light Warhorse 1000 360d
Horse, Medium Warhorse 1200 480d
Horse, Heavy Warhorse 1800 800d
Mule 700 180d
Pony, Chelni 700 420d
Grooming, Horse per day 2f
Stabling, Horse per day 1d
Stabling, Horse (w/ Feed) per day 2d
Shoeing, Horse each 2d
Tack-Repair per day 4d
Veterinarian Care per day 6d


Item Weight Cost
Blusher 1/16 8d
Eye Shader 1/16 14d
Foundation Cream, white 1/16 3d
Incense, per oz 1/16 12d +
Lipstick 1/16 7d
Perfume, generic, cheap 1/16 10d+
Perfume, generic, expensive 1/16 124d+
Soap, per oz 1/16 4d
Talc, per oz 1/16
Oil, Cinnamon, per oz 1/16 64d
Oil, Myrtle, per oz 1/16 29d
Oil, Rose, per oz 1/16 24d
Spice, Ambergris, per oz 1/16 180d
Spice, Bdellium, per oz 1/16 40d
Spice, Camphor, per oz 1/16 50d
Spice, Frankincense, per oz 1/16 70d
Spice, Myrrh, per oz 1/16 150d
Spice, Nard, per oz 1/16 100d


Item Weight Cost
Bandages, per injury level 0.1 1d
First aid bag w/ instr. (3 lb. cap.) 1 36d
First-Aid 3d
Herbal Ointments, per injury level Jan-16 3d
Medical Care, per injury level per day 20d
Surgery 240d
Sutures, per injury level 0.01 20d


Item Weight Cost
Astrolabe 2 300d
Compass 3 1000d
Cross-Staff 1 200d +
Cross-Staff, Ornamented 1 1500d
Quadrant 2 75d


Item Wgt Cost
Amphorae / Azeryani (7 gal cap.)
Amphorae / Karejian (9 gal cap.) 18d
Amphorae / Lerenil (15 gal cap.) 28d
Baking Dish, sm (2 pt cap.) 3d
Baking Dish, lg (4 pt cap.) 5d
Baking Dish w/ lid, sm (2 pt cap.) 5d
Baking Dish w/ lid, lg (4 pt cap.) 8d
Basin, sm (4 pt cap.) 6d
Basin, lg (1 gal cap.) 7d
Beads, decorative, per dozen 6d
Brick, fire clay, 8”x3&¾ “x2¼” 6d
Bottle (2 pt cap.) 1d
Bowl, serving, sm (1 pt cap.) 2d
Bowl, serving, med (2 pt cap.) 4d
Bowl, serving, lg (4 pt cap.) 6d
Box, lidded, (spices, etc) (½ pt cap.) 2d
Box, lidded, (mny, etc) (1 pt cap.) 3d
Candle Holder 2f
Chamber Pot 6d
Crucible, (alch, jwlr) (¼ pt cap.) 2d
Crucible, (glass, miner) (1 pt cap.) 4d
Crucible, (miner) (2+ pt cap.) 6d+
Drinking beaker (½ pt cap.) 3f
Drinking cup (½ pt cap.) 1d
Drinking tankard (1 pt cap.) 2d
Drinking flagon (2 pt cap.) 4d
Gaming Pieces, 1“, per dozen 3d
Icon, religious, 4” 2d
Icon, religions, 8“ 4d
Inkpot/ w lid & waxed leather gasket 4d
Jar, lidded, sm (1 pt cap.) 3d
Jar, lidded, med (2 pt cap.) 5d
Jar, lidded, lg (1 gal cap.) 8d
Jar, acid storage/preserving, lidded, w/ waxed leather gasket and securing wire/thong (1 pt cap.) 4d
Jar, acid storage/preserving, lidded, w/ waxed leather gasket and securing wire/thong (2 pt cap.) 6d
Jar, ointment, w/ soft wood/cork stopper, tiny (½ oz cap.) 2f
Jar, ointment, w/ soft wood/cork stopper, sm (1 oz cap.) 1d
Jar, ointment, w/ soft wood/cork stopper, med (2 oz cap.) 1.5d
Jar, ointment, w/ soft wood/cork stopper, lg (4 oz cap.) 2d
Jug, w/ soft wood/cork stopper, 7d
sm (4 pt cap.)
Jug, w/ soft wood/cork stopper, 9d
lg (1 gal cap.)
Lamp, simple bowl 2f
Lamp, enclosed bowl 2d
Lamp, pedestal 1d
Loom Weight, unglazed earthenware 1 1f
Mortar and Pestle, unglazed stoneware (1 pt cap.) 6d
Molds, unglazed stoneware (candle, cake) 6d+
Pan, chafing 2d
Pan, dripping 2d
Pitcher (2 pt cap.) 4d
Pipe, smoking 2d
Pipkin (pot w/ handle) (1 pt cap.) 3d
Pipkin (pot w/ handle) (2 pt cap.) 4d
Pipkin (pot w/ handle) (4 pt cap.) 6d
Plate, dining 1d
Plate, serving 1d
Platter 3d
Pot, cooking, sm (2 pt cap.) 2d
Pot, cooking, lg (4 pt cap.) 4d
Pot, infusing (tea, etc.) (1 pt cap.) 4d
Seal, wax imprinting 3d+
Skillet 3d
Spindlewhorl (used for spinning thread) 2f
Tile, decorative, 4”x4“x½” 2d+
Tile, fire clay, 4“x2”x1“ 2f
Tile, fire clay, 4”x4“x1” 1d
Tile, roof ridge, 8“x12”x½“ 1d
Urn, Azeryani (3.5 gal cap.) 8d
Urn, Hârnic (5 gal cap.) 12d
Vase 4d
Clay Body, ready to use 100 20d


Item Weight Cost
Bowstring 0.05 2d
Fishing Line, per 10 ft. 0.1 2d
Net, Weighted, per 5 ft sq. 4.5 48d
Rope, ½” hemp, per ft (330 lb cap.*) 0.08 1d
Rope, 1“ hemp, per ft (1,125 lb cap. *) 0.27 2d
Rope, 2” hemp, per ft (3,875 lb cap. *) 1.08 4d
Rope, 3“ hemp, per ft (8,000 lb cap. *) 2.42 8d
Rope, ¼” silk, per ft (225 lb cap. *) 0.02 16d
Rope, ½“ silk, per ft (1000 lb cap. *) 0.08 32d
String 0.1 2d
Tackle Block 2.5 5d
Twine, per 10 yards (5 lb. cap.) 0.2 4d
  • Safe capacities for worn & knotted (but not rotted) ropes under shock. New ropes can handle twice capacity. If exceeded, multiply capacity by d4 *d100 to determine actual break point. Ropes more than 50' in length are rare.

Seaman / Longshoreman

Item Cost
Assoc. Membership, Chippy per year 12d
Assoc. Membership, Supercargo per year 12d
Loading per tun 1d


Berth, cabin per lg 1d
Berth, steerage per lg 1f
Charter, per tun per day 12d
Food, cabin per day 2d
Food, steerage per day 1d


Item Weight Cost
Anchor, small 25 12d
Anchor, large 52 18d
Buoy 6 24d
Canoe (1-2 crew, 500 lb. cap.) 68 300d
Cloth, Canvas per sq yd 4 10d
Kayak (1 crew, 250 lb. cap.) 47 192
Mast per ft 3.75 6d
Oar, normal 7 5d
Oar, kayak 8 10d
Pinda (2 crew, 4000 lb. cap.) 675d
Raft (1 crew, 2000 lb. cap.) 73 65d
Rowboat (1 crew, 4000 lb. cap.) 121d
Spares, General Ship 100d
Dak, per sq ft (48 - 84 ft) 7d
Dragonship, per sq ft (60 - 120 ft) 6d
Karune, per sq ft (60 - 96 ft) 8d
Laru, per sq ft (60 - 150 ft) 5d
Laru-Mar, per sq ft (60 - 150 ft) 6d
Nivik, per sq ft (24 - 60 ft) 5d
Pinda, per sq ft (12 - 21 ft) 3d
Raem, per sq ft (48 - 84 ft) 5d
Talbar, per sq ft (24 - 42 ft) 4d
Venar, per sq ft (24 - 60 ft) 4d


Slave, Gladiator 480d +
Slave, Labourer 240d +
Slave, Pleasure 300d +


Item Wgt Cost
Awnings 10 18d
Back bag, sm, canvas (15 lb. cap.) 1 4d
Bag, sm, canvas (10 lb. cap.) 1 2d
Bag, lg, canvas (20 lb. cap.) 3 20d
Flysheet, for dome tent 9.75 24d
Marquee, sm - 27 lb. frame (8'x12') 65 216d
Marquee, lg - 44 lb. frame (12'x24') 255 1200d
Tarpaulin (9'x12') 18 45d
Conical - 12 lb. frame (3-man, 5' diam.) 38 66d
Dome - 8.5 lb. frame (3-man, 7' diam) 25 216d
Military - 36 lb. frame (12'x8') 90 312d
Ridged, sm - 4½ lb. frame (1-man, 6'x2&¾') 22 102d
Ridged, lg - 5½ lb. frame (2-man, 7'x3½') 31 144d
Sack, canvas 1.75 5d
Stall, canvas w/ 19 lbs. wood (3'x6') 38 24d


Item Weight Cost
Basket, small 2.5 2d
Basket, laundry 8 6d
Basket, wood (25 lb. firewood cap.) 4 3d
Broom 1 1d
Fence, 4' high, per foot 3.25 1.75d
Hay 1 1d
Wood, coppiced, hazel, per bushel 45 5d
Wood, coppiced, willow, per bushel 45 7d


Item Weight Cost
Wood, Ash, 10 cubic feet 380 12d
Wood, Birch, 10 cubic feet 380 4d
Wood, Cedar, 10 cubic feet 320 8d
Wood, Elm, 10 cubic feet 290 10d
Wood, Fir, 10 cubic feet 350 12d
Wood, Larch, 10 cubic feet 340 6d
Wood, Maple, 10 cubic feet 390 14d
Wood, Oak, 10 cubic feet 400 18d
Wood, Pine, 10 cubic feet 290 8d
Wood, Spruce, 10 cubic feet 360 6d

Town / City / Port

Item Cost
Anchorage, per 5 ft per day 1d
Pilotage 32d
Property Tax, business 6%
Property Tax, residence 8%
Registry, ship per ft per year 50d
Wharfage, per ft per day 1d
Wharfage, registered 50% of base price

Weapon Crafter

Item Weight Cost
Shield, Buckler 3 24d
Shield, Round 6 42d
Shield, Kite 5 72d
Shield, Heater 9 60d
Shield, Scutem 12 96d
Arrowheads, per dozen 0.3 6d
Bastard Sword (chivalric) 4 180d
Battleaxe (chivalric) 4 100d
Bill 6 96d
Broadsword (chivalric) 3 150d
Dagger 1 24d
Estoc (chivalric) 3 150d
Falchion 3 120d
Glaive 6 84d
Great Sword (chivalric) 6 230d
Halberd, Beaked 6 108d
Halberd, Blunted 6 108d
Hand Axe 2 72d
Javelin 36d
Jousting Pole (chivalric) 8 40d
Lance (chivalric) 9 120d
Longknife (Sindârin only) 1 96d
Mace & Chain (chivalric) 4 60d
Mace (chivalric) 4 84d
Morningstar 3 48d
Pike 7 96d
Poleaxe (chivalric) 5 96d
Shorkana 2 48d
Short sword 2 90d
Spear, Short 3 60d
Spear, Long 5 75d
Taburi 1 20d
Trident 6 72d
War Flail 5 60d
War Hammer (chivalric) 5 90d
Higher Quality Weapons 200% per level
Lower Quality Weapons 75% per -1 WQ

Higher than normal quality weapons are usually achieved by using either an alloy of Halay Steel, or full Halay Steel.


Item Weight Cost
Ambergris (fixative), per oz Jan-16 180d
Horn, Narwhal 1 60d
Ivory 1 75d
Oil, Whale, gallon 10 12d
Whalebone 1 6d

Woodcrafter / Cooper

Item Weight Cost
Barrel, keg (10 gal. cap.) Aug-88 12d
Barrel, hogshead (50 gal. cap.) 40 / 440 36d
Bucket, wooden (3 gal. cap.) Feb-26 8d

Woodcrafter / General

Item Weight Cost
Beads, wooden 0.1 3d
Block & Tackle 2 6d
Bowl, wooden 0.5 2d
Cage, lg, wooden (100 cubic ft) 20 30d
Cage, med, wooden (27 cubic ft) 10 15d
Cage, sm, wooden (1 cubic ft) 4 7d
Carpentry Kit, portable 8 36d
Club 3 12d
Coffin 50 9d
Cup, wooden 0.25 3f
Flagon, wooden 1 3d
Grainflail 2 12d
Kite, toy 1 4d
Ladder, 8 ft. (400 lb. cap) 19 6d
Loom 43 26d
Maul 7 24d
Plate, wooden 0.75 1.25d
Plough, wooden blade 16 48d
Spoon, wooden 0.1 3f
Staff 3 36d
Tankard, wooden (¼ lb. cap.) 3 2d
Woodcarving Kit, portable 2 24d
Yoke, Ox 1.5 3d

Woodcrafter / Furniture

Item Weight Cost
Bed, bunked 140 72d
Bed, double 120 84d
Bed, four post 200d
Bed, single 85 48d
Bed, short 85 36d
Bench 22 18d
Box (12” x 8“ x 6”) 1 1.5d
Bookshelves, per foot 1 2d
Cabinet 68 144d
Chair 7 12d
Chest (1' x 2' x 2') 11 18d
Cot, baby's 5.5 27d
Couch 145 48d
Pallet, straw 13 10d
Pew, ornate, 8 ft. 70 36d
Spice box (½ lb. capacity) 1 24d
Table (4' x 2' x 6') 47 36d
Table (3' diameter) 38 48d
Throne 16 96d
Trunk (1½' x 2' x 3½') 20 12d

Woodcrafter / Transport

Item Weight Cost
Axle 12 6d
Cart, two-wheeled 80d
Chariot, two-horse 120d
Coach, four-horse 960d
Dogsled, one-man 65 80d
Gig, two-man 144d
Hand Cart 45 48d
Palanquin 160 100d+
Skis, wooden, per pair 6 42d
Ski pole 2 18d
Sled, child's 12 6d
Toboggan 35 60d
Wagon, four-wheel 220d
Wheel (3' diameter) 20 18d
Wheel, Ironbound (3½' diameter) 28 30d
Wheelbarrow (50-60 lb. cap) 24 10d
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