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 +======The Western Shores======
 +**System**: Fantasy Hero for the Hero System 5th edition revised.
 +A land of high fantasy and melodrama, where the effects of magic are felt through all the land. Bounded by the sea to the west, the reptillian kingdom to the south, the feline empire to the east and with nothing but ice, giants and dragons to the north.
 +Humans dominate, and the Church is but one step behind every throne. The gods of the Aesir play with the lives of their worshipers while Odin the Allfather watches.
 +A land that has been ravaged by war, daemonic invasion and megalomaniacal mages bent on obtaining godlike power. Rebuilt, repaired and still struggling. The Church Inquisition always on the look out for potential new sorcerous threats, and eager to hear the gossip of any.
 +Barely tolerated magical races are balkanised into less travelled areas - the four breeds of Elf (few know of the fifth, the councillors), the earth elemental Dwarfs, the Centaur and Leomachi. The breeding of slave warriors by necromancers in the past, the Orc, the Goblin, the Ogre and the Troll, has instilled wariness and xenophobia in all humanity for the different.
 +And then there is the myth of the Elven Golden-Age-That-Never-Was. Supposedly destroyed by a human, giving the Elves their own reasons for distrust.
 +But there are heroes still, rising in times of trouble and regarded with awe.
 +And magic flows, every festival there are miracles. Praying to the gods gives good crops, and priests receive answers to their questions. Many more would become priests, if there were less bureaucracy involved in the training. And Odin help any who even mention the word "corruption" in the same breath.
 +Information pertaining to the current campaign being run in this setting by the writer.
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Session reports|Session reports]] from the current campaign being run in this setting by Curufea.
 +  * The [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Irolon Times|Irolon Times]] newspaper, which contains news and rumours.
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Campaign files|Campaign files]] with images, document props and Hero Designer files.
 +===The Player Characters===
 +  * Team_Theodoric the Current PC group composed of-
 +    *[[..:characters:Thodric_Jarl|Thodric Jarl]] - An ex-mercenary captain, now a [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Irolon_Titles|Margrave]], who occasionally attracts the attention of some odd people.
 +    *[[..:characters:Aeskil Ragnarson|Aeskil Ragnarson]] - A Special priest of Thor.
 +    *[[..:characters:wu_shi_wang_chian_tzu_kongzi_chen|Wu Shi Wang Chian Tzu Kongzi Chen, Mage of the fifth Huan, Imperial Sorcerer of Kartar]] - But his friends call him "Red" for short.
 +    *[[..:characters:monk|Connor MacBrennar]] - An elderly monk currently of no fixed abode.
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Team_Alden|Team Alden]] the previous PC group composed of-
 +    *[[..:characters:baron_alden_von_elbe_elster|The Baron Alden von Elbe-Elster]] - An elderly noble rebuilding his abode.
 +    *[[..:characters:Thodric_Jarl|Thodric Jarl]] - A mercenary captain who occasionally attracts the attention of some odd people.
 +    *[[roleplaying:hero:ws:Cadmus|Cadmus the bard]] - Well travelled, with connections and a ''bon vivant'', if somewhat amoral, attitude. **Not with party**
 +    *[[..:characters:Friar_Riso|Friar Riso]] - Of the Cunradus order.  A superstitious, heavily burned orphan whose humility is only surpassed by his meekness. **Not with party**
 +    *[[..:characters:wu_shi_wang_chian_tzu_kongzi_chen|Wu Shi Wang Chian Tzu Kongzi Chen, Mage of the fifth Huan, Imperial Sorcerer of Kartar]] - But his friends call him "Red" for short.
 +    *[[..:characters:qi_yuean_mi_shang|Qi Yuan Mi Shang]] - A Kartaran Lioness, sent into the Western Shores to find the Wu Shi Wang Chian Tzu Kongzi Chen and invite him to return to Kartar.
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Maps|Maps]] of the Western Shores and various locales.
 +  * The [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Timeline|Timeline]].
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Old editions|Old editions]] of the Irolon Times.
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Evolution|Evolution]] of magic and the gods.
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Calendar|Calendar]]
 +  * [[|Geneology]] of the ruling families of the Western Shores
 +Background information, timeline, history and calendar.
 +Cultural information, package deals, sayings and bits to flesh out life in the Western Shores.
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Humans|Humans]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Dwarfs|Dwarfs]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Elves|Elves]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Felines|Felines]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Lizardmen|Lizardmen]]
 +  * The [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Race Names|Names]] of the various races according to each culture.
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Alien|Aliens]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Critters|Critters]]
 +Information about many of the physical locations inside the Western Shores.
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Greatwood|Greatwood]] Forest (Elves)
 +  * The Glorious and Eternal Empire of [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Kartar|Kartar]] (Felines)
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Ambria|Ambria]] (Human)
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Brondheim|Brondheim]] (Human)
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Daria|Daria]] (Human)
 +  * The [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Duchy|Duchy]] of Irolo (Human)
 +  * Zylistan (Lizardman)
 +  * The Dragon Nation (Lizardman)
 +  * The Free City of [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Weyrcliff|Weyrcliff]] (Mixed)
 +  * The Isle of [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Dornica|Dornica]] (Mixed)
 +  * The Isle of [[roleplaying:hero:ws:aranmor:start|Aranmor]] (Uninhabited)
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Armour|Armour]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Shields|Shields]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Currency|Currencies]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Provisions|Provisions]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Guilds|Guilds]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Herbs|Herbs]] - Prices, Availability and Effect
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:High Fantasy|High Fantasy]] pricelist.  Not actually used in the Western Shores, but good for comparison purposes
 +  * [[|Upkeep]] for the lifestyle a character wishes to maintain
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Prices|Prices]] to buy things
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Starting money|Starting money]] for new characters
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Vehicles|Vehicles]] in the Western Shores
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Wages|Wages]] earned through various occupations
 +  * Weights and [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Measures|Measures]]
 +Money.  Where to get it, how to spend it.
 +Human Magic in the Western Shores revolves around runes. Both clerical and "secular" magic users rely on a magical language of runic symbology, also used widely for the purpose of divination. Magical items will usually have runes engraved on them, and the gestures and/or words used in casting a spell are based on the runes.
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Runes|The Runic Language]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Legendary Items|Legendary Magical Items]] - weapons of the Gods
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Casters|What is the difference between a Cleric, a Mage and a Magical Creature?]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Magic Items|Magic items]] - costs to create, how to build and Dwarvish discounts
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Casting Spells|Casting spells]] - and modifiers based on magical weather
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Alchemy|Alchemy]] - the creation of potions and the ingredients needed
 +  * Religious and secular [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Orders|Orders]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Gods|Gods]] of the Western Shores
 +Theology.  Where to get it, how to use it.
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Character creation|Character creation]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Character advancment|Character advancment]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Character death|Character death]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Offscreen Characters|Offscreen Characters]] - What happens if you want to play a different character?
 +Specific rules related information.
 +=====Other Western Shores Campaigns=====
 +  * [[|Tiger's Chaos]]
 +  * [[|Website]] - No longer updated
 +  * [[|RPG.Net Wiki site]] - No longer updated
 +====== ======
 +Back to [[..:resources:fantasy_hero]]
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