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The Science of Magic and the Evolution of Gods

Magical Energies

Magic is the interface between energy and matter. It allows one to affect the other. Magic is entropy. In any reaction when conversion between matter and energy occurs and the results are not equal, the remainder is magical energy.

Human events that affect magical energies directly


Miracles, Spells


Birth, Death, Sex, Worship


Life, Thought

Magical Tectonics Timeline

  • Big Bang

Universe splits into Physical, Energy and Magical in equal proportions.

  • Pre-Life

Energy and Matter concentrate into planetary systems as does Magic

  • Life

The concentrated Magic engenders life as a non-entropic user of matter and energy.

  • Plants

Evolution #1 of Magic - essentially non-dynamic and with little affect.

  • Animals

Evolution #2 of Magic - Instincts, killing for food, births and deaths have a greater affect on the 3 forces.

  • Intelligent Life

Evolution #3 of Magic - Many more uses.

  • Magical Beings and Users

Evolution #4 of Magic - Almost pure use of Magic.

  • Gods

Evolution #5 of Magic - Embodiments of pure Magic.

  • Post-Matter and Energy

The other two forces are gradually converted over time into Entropy/Magic.

  • Pre-Big Bang

The universe of Magic once more condenses ready to split again.

Ley Lines


Before intelligent life, magic covered the world in eddies and flows with occasional concentrated pools at important events. Much like the sea. Some lines are formed temporarily along tidal waves or earthquake fronts. As the tectonic plates stabilised, lines formed at their edges becoming more permanent. These lines are clased as Static. Intelligent life began worship of natural forces - especially destructive and localised ones. Creating larger pools of Magic around natural events. As these religions spread to other areas, so too did the pool of magic. Creating another line. In general all lines of Magic prefer to connect to other lines rather than to end abruptly. This stabilises the flow somewhat, like the currents of an ocean. The invention of churches and temples over sacred areas led to Dynamic Ley Lines. As Holy Days, rituals and events were introduced, these changed to Variable Ley Lines. Currently the only Dynamic lines are linked to natural events, magical unique artefacts and cults/sacrificial altars.

Types of Ley Line


The Magic varies in pulses along its length. A sine wave oscillation. Where they occur

Permanent: between sacrificial altars, magical artefacts Temporary: between battlefields, natural events


The amount of Magic along the length of the line remains relatively constant and does not vary by much over very long periods of time.

;Permanent: between shrines and places of power ;Temporary: between mages casting the same spell


The Magic varies in a uniform manner along its length. Usually increasing around Holy Days and festivals.

Permanent: between churches Temporary: between festivals and holiday celebrations.

When do they change

Dynamic - A new pulse is generated each sacrifice and travels the line until it is used. Static - Never Variable - Every service or special ceremony.


Gods are personifications of Magic given religiously significant form and function. They find it easiest to perform miracles along the Ley lines they control (those of their religion). Technology in a non-tech world

A mechanical “wondrous” device subtracts from the sum total of Magic available to everyone by trapping it in a physical form (usually a golem or artefact). Devices need to obey consistent rules in order to tap into the correct Ley Line - much the same way as religions need to be consistent to maintain power (a heretical split will create a new, lesser Ley Line which will need to be increased before being useful).

Magic Users

Do not believe in religion and are therefore not restricted to using a specific Ley Line. They use Magic from all sources including Technology. In general Magic Users are Jack-of-all-trades when it comes to magic but cannot perform Miracle-class spells, which require Godlike quantities of magic. Magic Users personify Gods as they have no religion and each individual is too different to form a Ley Line.


In general all minor spells and miracles must be performed in close proximity to a Line or Church of their religion. Pantheistic clerics may also use allied God's Ley Lines (dependant on the politics of the time). Major Miracles require Godlike intervention - depending on the size of the religion, more than one manifestation may take place at the same time - it's dependant on resources available.

The Afterlife and Reincarnation

Intelligence/Mind/Soul are all manifestations of magic. Upon death they are reabsorbed into the universe. An intelligent being's personality will disperse over time unless it is found and used. Or stored.

The Supernatural

Ghosts are pockets of Magic still maintaining some small part of personality, that have worked out a way to manipulate energy (usually light, sometimes kinetic for poltergeists). Usually they are obsessive - it is the obsession that keeps them whole, with a stable lock on their ego. Resolution /relief of their stress will enable them to be dispersed. As will Magical rituals. Skeletons and Zombies are magically created and motivated much like Golems. Any created being may have a personality attached to it if a sufficiently strong one can be found. Vampires and Liches are strong willed individuals capable of manipulating their own bodies after death - or have had a magical spell cast upon them to allow them to do so. The act of a Vampire's Embrace is a magical spell that requires the ritual imbibing of blood.

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