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  • Br = Bronze
  • El = Electrum
  • Si = Silver
  • Go = Gold
  • Pl = Platinum
  • P = Paper


  • e1 = size of a 1 cent coin (in Australia) - 17mm diameter
  • e5 = size of a 5 cent coin (in Australia) - 19.41mm diameter
  • e20 = size of a 20 cent coin (in Australia) - 28.52mm diameter
  • ep = size of a penny coin (in Australia) - 31mm diameter
  • el = larger than a penny coin (in Australia) - 34mm diameter
  • p5 = size of a $5 bill (in Australia) - 65mm x 130mm
  • p10 = size of a $10 bill (in Australia) - 65mm x 137mm
  • p100 = size of a $100 bill (in Australia) - 65mm x 158mm


  • R = round
  • O = octagonal
  • P = Pentagonal
  • T = triangular
  • S = square
  • C = Cross shapped (+, not biblical)
  • St = 5 pointed star
  • Re = rectangular
  • +h = with a hole (inthe middle)
  • +g = with a gem (in the middle)
  • +ch = with a hole (in a corner)

Name, Material, Size, Shape, Face, Back, = equivalent All coins have a date, their name, and the current rulers name and the coins value written on their surface.


  • Hikinsu, Br, e5, R, Building, Ruler's head
  • Tokinsu, Br, e20, R, Sword, Ruler's head = 10 Hikinsu
  • Isokinsu, p5, Re, Hero's head and buildings, Ruler's head and inscription = 50 Hikinsu
  • Momokinsu, p5, Re, Hero's head and weapons, Ruler's head and inscription = 100 Hikinsu
  • Ihokinsu, p10, Re, Hero's head and armies, Ruler's head and inscription = 500 Hikinsu
  • Chikinsu, p10, Re, Battle scene, Ruler's head and inscription = 1000 Hikinsu
  • Yorozukinsu, p100, Re,Court scene, Ruler's head and inscription = 10,000 Hikinsu

Coins have milled edges. All currency contains a thin strip of magical metal containing an ID. All paper notes are moderately realistically coloured. The edges vary in colour in the following order - Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red.

Pronouciation : he kins, to kins, ih so kins, mow mow kins, ih ho kins, chee kins, yo ldho tzu kins


Hapenny, Br, e5, R, Heraldic water carrier, Royal Coat of Arms = 1/2 Penny

Penny, Br, ep, R, 1 Heraldic triflower, Royal Coat of Arms

Thrupenny, Si, e1, R, 3 Heraldic triflowers, Royal Coat of Arms = 3 Pennies

Sixpence Si, e5, R, 6 Heraldic triflowers, Royal Coat of Arms = 6 Pennies

Shilling Si, e20, R, Heraldic cross, Royal Coat of Arms = 12 Pennies

Florin Si, ep, R, Maltese cross, Royal Coat of Arms = 2 Shillings / 24 Pennies

Pound Si, ep, O, Heraldic sheaf of wheat, Royal Coat of Arms = 20 Shilliings / 240 Pennies

Sovereign, Go, e20, R, Ornate heraldic cross, Royal Coat of Arms = 21 Shillings / 252 Pennies

The silver and gold coins have milled edges.


  • Didrachm, Br, ep, R+h, Circles, Inscription
  • Drachm, Br, ep, T+h, Triangles, Inscription = 10 Didrachm
  • Tetradrachm, Si, ep, S+h, Squares, Inscription = 50 Didrachm
  • Shekel, Si, ep, P+h, Pentagons, Inscription = 100 Didrachm
  • Dinar, Go, e20, C+h, Squares and circles, Inscription = 200 Didrachm
  • Thrymsa, Go, ep, S+h, Triangles and trapezoids, Inscription = 500 Didrachm
  • Tetradinar, Pl, el, Re+ch, Inscription, Inscription = 1000 Didrachm

All coins have raised edges. Coins are very different due to low tactile sense (relatively). Holes are for carrying coins.

Mountain Dwarf

  • Karn, Br, ep, S+ch+ch+ch+ch, Forge, Ruler's head
  • Dikarn, Br, ep, S+ch+ch+ch, Hammer, Ruler's head = 2 Karn
  • Pekarn, El, ep, S+ch+ch, Axes, Ruler's head = 5 Karn
  • Karn 'a, Si, ep, S+ch, Warhammer, Ruler's head = 10 Karn
  • Dikarn 'a, Si, ep, S+g (emerald), Ruler's head in gem = 20 Karn
  • Pekarn 'a, Go, ep, S+g (sapphire), Ruler's head in gem = 50 Karn
  • Karn 'a Karn, Go, ep, S+g (ruby), Ruler's head in gem ======100 Karn

All coins have milled edges. Holes are for machine sorting. All coins are magical with the following properties - resist tarnish/wear and an ID. The highest three coins have a magically melded gem in the centre with a hologram of the Ruler's head inside. Coins were designed square for ease of stacking.


High Elven (Valarquendi)

  • Valyrch, Br, e5, R, Symbol of Air, Orc
  • Valtorog, Br, ep, R, Symbol of Earth, Troll = 5 Valyrch
  • Valatani, Si, e5, R, Symbol of Fire, Man = 10 Valyrch
  • Valquendi, Si, ep, O, Symbol of Water, Elf = 20 Valyrch
  • Valneogyth, Go, e5, R, Symbol of Entropy, Dwarf = 50 Valyrch

Wood Elven (Tauriquendi)

  • Galadyrch, Br, e5, R, Acorn, Orc
  • Galadtorog, Br, ep, R, Leaf, Troll = 5 Valyrch
  • Galadatani, Si, e5, R, Branch, Man = 10 Valyrch
  • Galadquendi, Si, ep, O, Sapling, Elf = 20 Valyrch
  • Galadneogyth, Go, e5, R, Tree (Linden), Dwarf = 50 Valyrch

Dark Elven (Moriquendi)

  • Ungolyrch, Br, e5, R, Spider, Orc
  • Ungoltorog, Br, ep, R, Scorpion, Troll = 5 Valyrch
  • Ungolatani, Si, e5, R, Serpent, Man = 10 Valyrch
  • Ungolquendi, Si, ep, O, Dragon, Elf = 20 Valyrch
  • Ungolneogyth, Go, e5, R, Demon, Dwarf = 50 Valyrch

Sea Elven (Eariquendi)

  • Gaeryrch, Br, e5, R, Fish, Orc
  • Gaertorog, Br, ep, R, Dolphin, Troll = 5 Valyrch
  • Gaeratani, Si, e5, R, Whale, Man = 10 Valyrch
  • Gaerquendi, Si, ep, O, Kraken, Elf = 20 Valyrch
  • Gaerneogyth, Go, e5, R, Krell, Dwarf = 50 Valyrch

Elvish currency is interchangable between the various sub races. All coins have milled raised edges. All coins have 3 magic tags for identification, they vary with the sub race :-

High Elf coins
Warm to the touch, Glow in the dark and do not slip against each other no matter the force.

Wood Elf coins
Weigh the same as wood, Their edges blend into the background and do not make a sound when rubbed against each other.

Dark Elf coins
Cold to the touch, Absorb light and feel slippery.

Sea Elf coins
Vary amongst the above three

Other Races

Hobbits use Human. Hill Dwarfs use Human or Mountain Dwarf. Mountain Dwarf is the most stable and regarded as the best currency. Large amounts of money are in the form of Bank Scrips, redeemable at respected banks.

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