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Heroes of Legend

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Last night, my PCs needed to hear a story from some old guy about a book on channelling the power of Chaos. I could have just made up an “old man accent” and winged it, but I wanted to involve the players a bit.

As he started telling the story, I pulled from my backpack new character sheets, and naming each character in the legend, handed the sheet to the player who would portray each one.

The look on each person's face as they were handed a sheet for a hero 10,000 years buried was priceless. They were suprised, I think, by the point totals. We've been at this game for years, and most PCs are pushing 300 points. The characters they got last night were 50+50 newbies. Names that had been larger than life were now just a buncha wet behind the ears nobodies. I think it put the legends in proper perspective.

They had a blast, and next week we're continuing to play the legends, just to see how the rest of the story goes. I guess I'll slip into the old guy's voice again and give an intro, then on the action!

Jeffery Keown 2006/09/17 03:26

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