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Adventure Seeds

Short plot snippets for Resources for Fantasy Hero

  • An important individual has been taken against his will by a subterainian race, this is odd as they normaly kill instead of taking prisioners. It is up to the PC's to figure out why, save the individual, and teach the supterainians a lesson. -(JmOz)
  • The PC's come into a town to find out that they give tribute to a dragon, apon investigation they find out that no one has actualy ever seen the dragon, just some flames shooting out of a cave and a booming voice. Are the PC's brave enough to face the dragon…if he really exists -(JmOz)
  • When a prince from another kingdom is found dead the day after the royal banquet it is up to the PC's to find the true killer before war breaks out… -(JmOz)
  • After a long journey you arive in one of the PC's home town to find that everyone has mysteriously vanished. Now you have to find out where the population of the town has gone. -(Wolfe-Chan)
  • Children in the town have been disappearing but are found a few days later with a glazed look in their eyes. -(Shadowpup)
  • Why is the local fruit merchant all of a sudden so interested in buying the land adjacent to the local graveyard? -(Labrat)
  • A public call is going throughout the town for some able-bodied men to help build 'the greatest ship ever'… but it's for a duke that doesn't even know how to swim. -(Labrat)
  • The nearest librarian has been seen running to and fro lately on business that nobody can quite understand. He always manages to disappear when followed, and always comes back to the library empty-handed. What has he been up to? -(Labrat)
  • Two brute-like brothers have ridden into the campaign city claiming to be monster-slayers… and also claiming to have some favors owed to them by certain ancient dragons. They want to have free-run of the city or else they will call in some of those favors and destroy the town! -(Labrat)
  • One of the heroes has finally got a piece of dirt to call his own. Sadly, nothing can grow on it, and it's too close to a cliff to even raise sheep on it. But the peasants are friendly and loyal (also poor and unskilled). Maybe all it needs is a hero's touch. -(Blue Jogger)
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