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Skinner the Hound

Name Kobb Walund Alias Skinner
Look Tall, skinny, weathered, dark brown skin, iris & pupil-less eyes (daemon heritage)
Background Trade - Hunter of animal skins Heritage Tycheros - Merchants
Special Abilities Sharpshooter - You can perform precision shooting from extreme long range. You can quickly draw and reload your weapons. Your ranged attacks gain potency.
Vice Faith - Tycheros Daemon Cult Stress 2
Trauma N/A


Insight XP: 0 Prowess XP: 1 Resolve XP: 0
0 0– Hunt 0 — Finesse - — Attune
- — Study 0 0– Prowl - — Command
0 — Survey 0 — Skirmish - — Consort
- — Tinker - — Wreck - — Sway
Deadly Friends Hound
Steiner, an assassin Playbook XP: 0
Celene, a sentinel Mark XP:
- When you roll a desperate action.
- When you address a tough challenge with violence or tracking.
- At end of session, if you've expressed your beliefs, drives, heritage, or background. And also mark xp if you struggled with issues from your vice or traumas during the session.
Melvir, a physicker
+Veleris, a spy
-Casta, a bounty hunter
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