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 +====== Plot Points ======
 +===== Albert Karrde =====
 +  * Trevor the upper class Neo Victorian that took Albert'​s brother'​s land and home from him and had him murdered.
 +  * Lucy Devereux - a Milady De Winter/​Bartolemew character. ​ HIghly skilled thief and con artist. ​ Ex-partner and possibly ex-wife. ​ Was meant to help Albert escape, but betrayed him (without him knowing). ​ Albert assumes she was captured and needs rescuing.
 +  * Anti-establishment. ​ Albert is always on the look out for small, petty ways to disrupt Neo Victorian authority and government. ​ Not as ideologically driven as Blake, but not entirely selfish.
 +  * The crew is family. ​ The mutiny hinged on the crew being fellow lower class Neo Victorians. ​ Albert feels a kinship with them
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