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LARP Manager Changelog

2014 Changes

  • The database has been changed to include new fields for traits (specifically for spells) - there is not yet PHP to support these traits, therefore characters can't add them.

July 2013

  • Downtime form now includes XP entitlements ala Mainspring/Twilight Dreams
  • Attributes added to character sheets again
  • New characters sheet (in addition to the current character sheet link)-
    • Text only character sheet option enabled. No borders or images.
    • Now sorts traits by type and aspect.
    • 1/3 attribute defaults added to all relevant traits.
    • Spells now include a Quintessence cost based on how many character points were spent on the spell. Range is from 0 to 3 Quintessence
  • Character pages in the LARP Manager now have player uploadable images, which are also displayed on the public wiki who's who entry (not yet on character sheets)
  • Major overhaul of character creation workflow in progress (thanks to Rob Barbetti). Work in progress test character:
    • In summary - a systematic gradual showing of parts of the character sheet with explanations as a series of 7 stages to take the new player through what needs to be filled out, at the end of which the full character sheet is displayed. More text, more javascript (possibly)

July 2012

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