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Cyber Wedding Map

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.


  • Red border = Hedge. Impassable to Humans, blocks line of sight.
  • Yellow border = Building. All buildings can be entered from any square, except the Tennis Court. The Tennis Court may be shot into and out of, but the other buildings block line of sight.
  • Legal map space = any square that does not contain a player, a Cyberman or a Cyberconversion unit.

Advanced Terrain Rules

  • Breaking through walls
    • Cybermen entering terrain that is impassable to humans must end their movement. They may move as normal next time they are moved. e.g. a Mark V Cyberman entering the Tennis Court or hedge must stop there even if they have movement left over. If the next player chooses to move that Cyberman again, it can continue on the other side.
  • The Rose Gardens
    • Finding your way amongst the rose bushes is difficult. All humans moving into a rose garden square expend an extra movement point (i.e. it cost 2 movements to enter any rose garden square)
  • Cover
    • The trees can be used as cover. If a Cyberman is shooting at you with an Energy Beam or a Gun and there are one or more squares in between with a tree on them, they miss on a roll of 4-6. Fatigue can be spent on this roll.
    • Buildings act as cover. If there is part of a building (other than the Tennis Court) in a square that a Cyberman is shooting through, this also acts as cover. The Cyberman will miss on a roll of 4-6. Fatigue can be spent on this roll.
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