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Caer Gynntguic

parent_page_wardb The old Roman city of Venta Belgarum [Winchester] is ruled by the Magister of Caer Gwynntguic who also controls the provinces of Clavsentum [Bitterne, Hants] where the fortified sea port still stands, and Caer Sallog [Old Sarum, Wilts] with its old fort. A campaign set in Caer Gynntguic will begin in 475AD when raids onto the Isle of Vectis [Isle of Wight] from the sea began. The Saxons are either based in Germany or are operating from Saxon held land in Rheged to the East. Historically, Venta Belgarum was cut off from the sea by 480AD, both the Isle of Wight and Clavsentum falling by then. Many of its population migrated East, leaving the area contested with little economic activity. However, Caer Gynntguic itself, Venta, did not fall to the Saxons until 550AD when it became the capital of the West Saxons, Winchester. Provinces: 3

  • Venta Belgarum, City Walls (2d6 months to siege)
  • Clavesentum, Town Walls (1d6 months to siege)
  • Caer Sallog, Hill Fort (1d4 months to siege)


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