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Games To Play

Games high on the list that I'd like to play 🙂




  • strip_icc_pic1692845.jpgIn Her Majesty's Name (IHMN) - 2+ players Steampunk company level (dozen miniatures or so) scenario based. 3 companies mostly painted. d10 dice.
  • strip_icc_pic2570660.jpgFrostgrave - 1+ players generic fantasy, wizard+apprentice+supporting soldiers (ten minis) competing for treasure . Can use any fantasy minis. Solo, Co-Op or Competitive. d20 dice.
  • strip_icc_pic5722064.jpgStargrave - 1+ players generic Sci-Fi, Captain+First Mate+supporting soldiers (ten minis) competing for objectives. Can use any Sci-Fi minis. Solo, Co-Op or Competitive. The sequel to Frostgrave and Ghost Archipelago (which is fantasy pirates). d20 dice.
  • Solo/Co-op - 1+ players I've a bunch of rules (some in ebook format), some IGO/UGO some alternating for Scifi, Fantasy and Pulp that could be worth a go sometime. These ones aren't competitive, enemies use AI.
    • strip_icc_pic4411239.jpgRangers of Shadow Deep - 1-4 players smaller group (up to half dozen). Co-op scenario based. Any fantasy minis. Each player has one ranger and a number of supporting companions based on how many players there are. The campaign is a series of linked missions that aren't randomly generated. d20 dice.
    • (strip_icc_pic165442.jpg5150 own Sci-Fi setting, skirmish games based on random missions. One main character and supporting characters. Has an extensive campaign system and expansions. d6 dice.
    • Played Five Parsecs From Home own Sci-Fi setting, skirmish games based on random jobs but has a fairly extensive campaign system. The player controls 6 main characters. d6 dice.
    • strip_icc_pic5393440.jpgPerilous Tales generic pulp (1890s to 1990s apparently) - aliens, supernatural and Cthulhu based missions with randomly determined objectives. The player controls 5 characters. Currently free as a beta release here- d10 dice.

Worker Placement

  • strip_icc_pic2004618.jpgMarch of the Ants - 1-5 players competing ants with upgrades trying to make the nest better. A kickstarter I've never played.
  • strip_icc_pic1790789.jpgCaverna - 1-7 players Sequel to Agricola. Dwarf families trying to thrive.
  • Played strip_icc_pic1062739.jpgDiscworld: Ankh-Morpork - 2-4 players Try to control the city. Set in the city of the Terry Pratchett books.


  • strip_icc_pic2974791.jpgMistborn - 3-5 players Competing fantasy political families in the setting of Brandon Sanderson's books. Choose to solve problems to either help the ruling evil overlord or possibly side with the eventual uprising in the hopes it succeeds at the end. Semi co-op.
  • strip_icc_pic383353.jpgAd Astra - 3-5 players Got secondhand, never tried.
  • strip_icc_pic200523.jpgSettlers of the Stone Age - 3-4 players Got secondhand, never tried.
  • strip_icc_pic1340277.jpgEclipse: Rise of the Ancients - 2-9 players 4x game, sadly not the latest edition but has breakthrough mechanics to make 4x a viable boardgame.
  • strip_icc_pic2338267.jpgTigris & Euphrates - 2-4 players Abstract tile placement game based on ancient empires

Deck/Pool Building

  • strip_icc_pic2225180.jpgLegendary: Encounters - 1-5 players Co-op Aliens movie franchise card based deck builder. So far I've only done the first movie 3 times, so we could try a different mix of cards.
  • strip_icc_pic3477004.jpgDice Forge - 2-4 players Dice building game (you use 2 dice but change their faces). I've not tried the advanced rules for this yet. It's a light game
  • Mystic Vale - 2-4 players Card building game (you have 20 cards in your deck but modify their faces). I've only played the basic without expansions so far. So eager to try all the expansions.
  • Played strip_icc_pic1604985.jpgQuarriors - 2-4 players Cute dice pool building game.

GM vs Players

  • strip_icc_pic2903180.jpgBattlestations 2nd ed - 2-9 players oldie but a goodie. Everyone but me is a crew member of a tile-built starship where they run around to use battlestations to perform missions.
  • strip_icc_pic1638487.jpgGuardians Chronicles - 2-5 players Players are superheroes versus an evil supervillain and their minions. Various expansions. Cards and dice.


  • strip_icc_pic3853049.jpgXia - 1-5 players Great single ship, slightly random, elite/firefly game with great gamepieces.


  • strip_icc_pic3322613.jpgCharterstone - 1-6 players A 12 game legacy campaign of village building using worker placement and resource management. At the end you have a unique board and player powers. Replayable even after the legacy. Ideally we need the same amount of players for every game but it does have mechanics for missing players.
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