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Cybermen Rules v1

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License. General rules regarding Cybermen:-

  • In the rest of the rules the use of the Cybermen should include Cybermen carrying humans, Cyberlieutenants and Cyberleaders unless specifically mentioned elsewhere in the paragraph.
  • Cybermen have a facing, which is used to determine the direction of any gun or energy beam attacks they may make.
    • Wedding Guests (humans) do not have a facing.
  • After a Cyberman is moved, the moving player determines which of the four possible directions it faces.
  • Guns and Energy Beams are used to capture humans, not kill them. Cybermen are intent on converting humans, not killing them.
  • Only a partially converted Cyberman may ever destroy other Cybermen in combat. Cybermen may freely attack a partially converted Cyberman. If they win in combat, the loser is destroyed rather than captured.
  • Cyberlieutenants and the Cyberleader may never use items or tokens.


When a character is captured, place the character on the successful Cyberman counter.

  • If you have a Geek, Bride or Groom in your group, the Cyberman will choose them first. If not, then you choose one character to be captured.
    • This characterGÇÖs ability can no longer be used.
  • Restore your Escape and Fatigue tokens to 3 each if less than 3.
  • Your turn is ended.
  • During the Cyberman movement phase of the turn, move any Cyberman carrying a human towards the nearest Cyberconversion Unit.


Cyberconversion Unit

  • When a Cyberman carrying a human reaches a Cyberconversion Unit, remove the character counter.
  • Place a second Cyberman counter to represent the converted human.
    • If the Cyberman that was carrying the human was an older model, they are automatically upgraded.
    • Converted humans are always of the latest model.

The first player to lose every member of their group to cyberconversion when there is no Cyberleader, becomes the Cyberleader.

  • Players that lose all their group members that can't become Cyberleader may instead play the Cyberman who represents their last Human. This Cyberman is not moved by the Cyberleader. This figure is called a Cyberlieutenant.
  • Mark I Cybermen do not have a Cyberleader. Therefore no player will become the Cyberleader until the Cybermen upgrade to Mark II or better.
    • The oldest Cyberlieutenant is upgraded to Cyberleader when the Cybermen upgrade to Mark II.

A converted human is worth 1 Victory Point to the current Cyberleader.

Partial Conversion summary card

Partial Conversions

If there is a glitch in the Cyberconversion process resulting in a Cyberman that retains their humanity:-

  • This Cyberman character may be moved during the turn of original player.
  • The Cyberman moves separately to any humans moved by the player
  • It moves as a Cyberman without using die rolls.

    Conversion Glitch card
  • If attacking a Cyberman of any sort, or a Cyberconversion Unit, it will destroy the opponent on a 4-6. Fatigue tokens may be spent. Escape tokens cannot be spent and if the combat is lost, it is destroyed.
  • Partial Conversions may never attack a human.
  • Partial Conversions are not recaptured, but are destroyed by any Cyberman that wins a combat against it.
  • Partial Conversions are not affected by Cyberman Guns, Energy Beams or Mind control.


A destroyed Cyberman, Cyberlieutenant or Cyberconversion Unit is worth 1 Victory Point A destroyed Cyberleader is worth 2 Victory Points


” Place the Cyberleader figure at the conversion chamber where the player's last surviving group member was converted.

  • Any items cards they have in front of them are immediately discarded.
  • From now on, no other player in the game moves Cybermen, they may roll as normal - but the Cyberleader chooses which Cybermen to move and where.
    • Cyberlieutenants are always moved first if possible and are controlled by their players. The order of precedence is oldest to youngest Cyberlieutenant.
  • If the Cyberleader is destroyed, another player may become the new Cyberleader.

    Cyberleader summary card
    • The oldest (ie earliest converted) Cyberlieutenant in the game is upgraded to Cyberleader.
      • If there are no Cyberlieutenants, then there is no Cyberleader until another human player loses all their characters.
    • The player of the destroyed Cyberleader now chooses a normal Cyberman and upgrades it to Cyberlieutenant.
  • Any item cards that are drawn as part of their turn may be discarded to teleport in another Cyberman onto any legal map space.
    • Two item cards may be discarded to teleport in another Cyberconversion Unit onto any legal map space.
    • Three item cards may be discarded to increase the Cyberman technology level by 1.


Cyberlieutenant summary card
” If a player has all their characters converted to Cybermen, and they are unable to take over the role of Cyberleader, they instead become a Cyberlieutenant.

  • Any items cards they have in front of them are immediately discarded.
  • A Cyberlieutenant behaves as a normal Cyberman but they are only controlled by that player.
  • Cyberlieutenants are always moved first in the Cyberman Phase. The order of precedence is oldest to youngest Cyberlieutenant.
  • Cyberlieutenants cannot earn Victory Points.
  • The oldest Cyberlieutenant automatically upgrades to Cyberleader if the Cyberleader is ever destroyed.
  • Any item cards that are drawn as part of their turn may be traded with any other player for another card.
  • If a Cyberlieutenant is destroyed, the player is out of the game.


Technology levels
“ Whenever a Geek character is cyberconverted, or the Cyberleader discards 3 item cards, or there are no more current Mark counters able to be placed in the reveal tile phase, the Cybermen gain knowledge of how to improve themselves and upgrade.

  • All newly placed Cybermen are now the next higher model.
  • All newly converted humans are now the next higher model.
  • If a player is the Cyberleader, they may move any outdated Cybermen into a Cyberconversion chamber and upgrade them to the latest version.
    • This includes the Cyberleader itself.

ModelSpeedWeaknessSpecial AbilitiesCyberleader Special Abilities
Mark I1SolventsEnergy Beam, Mind ControlN/A
Mark II2SolventsMind ControlMind Control
Mark III2GoldEnergy Beam, GunsEnergy Beam
Mark IV2GoldEnergy Beam, Guns, Mind ControlMind Control
Mark V3HackingEnergy Beam, GunsEnergy Beam

Special Abilities

During the Cyberman Special Abilities phase, a die worth of Cyberman must use their abilities.

  • The player whose turn it is chooses which Cybermen use their abilities unless there is a Cyberleader or Cyberlieutenants.
  • If there is a Cyberleader, they determine which Cybermen use their special abilities.
  • Cyberlieutenants may always use their abilities first. They may choose not to use their abilities so another Cyberman can use theirs instead. The order of precedence is oldest to youngest Cyberlieutenant.

Energy Beam

Energy Beam range
” Any player within 4 squares of the front of this Cyberman that isn't out of line of sight (ie no hedge or building in the way) is hit with an energy beam.

  • Cybermen cannot shoot through other Cybermen or Cyberconversion Units.
  • The player hit is stunned and may not move next turn.


Gun range
“ Any player within 8 squares of the front of this Cyberman that isn't out of line of sight (ie no hedge or building in the way) is shot with a cybergun.

  • Cybermen cannot shoot through other Cybermen or Cyberconversion Units.
  • The player hit is injured and must reduce their movement roll by half for the next two turns.

Mind Control

Mind Control example
” Any player within 3 squares of this Cyberman in any direction, whether in line of sight or not, is affected by Mind Control (unless there is a Singer in the group).

  • The player must move towards the nearest Cyberman in their next turn.
    • If there is terrain in the way that is impassable, the player must move around it by the shortest legal route to the nearest Cyberman.
      • The player cannot move onto tiles that have not yet been revealed.
    • They must move their entire possible movement.
    • If there are multiple Cybermen at the same distance, the player may choose which one to move towards, but will always go towards an unobstructed Cyberman rather than towards one behind impassable terrain.


Cyberman paper miniatures are from The Crow's Nest. gallery_showalbum_weddingcybermen

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