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  • Move (direction 1-6, distance 1-4)
    • Only available to Defence Units
    • Move up to their move value in hexes in one of 6 directions
  • Stay still
    • Only available to Defence Units
    • Do not move this turn
  • Self destruct
    • The unit is destroyed
    • Resources to the value of the unit's Scanners are created in that hex
    • If the unit was the Harvester, then all the Defence Units of that Harvester are also destroyed and the player is out of the game.
  • Target (hex id)
    • Only available to the Harvester
    • Flag a resource hex as a target for the Harvester.
    • Each turn the Harvester will move one hex towards the target until it is reached.
  • Abort
    • Only available to the Harvester
    • Remove the flag from a target hex.
  • Drop (direction 1-6, amount 1-20)
    • Only available to the Harvester.
    • Drop a number of resources into an adjacent hex.

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